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10 Artists Who Have Dark Pasts in the 2022 Drama.

Not always, the story in Korean dramas only shows the beautiful side. Sometimes the artists who play in it have a dark past; it affects their character when they grow up.
Some of these 2022 dramas present artists with dark pasts that are also quite sad. Check out the review here!
1. Behind her stern and often intimidating figure in Why Her? Seo Hyun Jin experienced injustice until she lost her child
2. Hwang In Yeop was able to rise again after being slandered to kill his half-sister in Why Her? Sad because his teenage years ended in prison
3. In If You Wish Upon Me, Ji Chang Wook lived in an orphanage since childhood and spent his youth in prison. Now he decided to volunteer at the hospital
4. Na In Woo experienced injustice in the drama Jinxed at First, from the sudden death of her mother to her near death
5. After growing up, Kim Jae Wook hates onions so much in Crazy Love he always remembers his sad childhood
6. Lee Jong Suk experienced injustice because he was accused of being a murderer in Big Mouth, which made him turn into a reliable conman
7. In Remarriage & Desires, Kim Hee Sun lost everything due to the presence of a third person in her household
8. The character that Seo Yea Ji shows in Eve still carries a grudge because of the destruction of her family in the past
9. The two characters Jung So Min shows in Alchemy of Souls have dark sides. Mu Deok who had to be separated from his family, and Naksu, who lost his family
10. Lastly, only Lee Jae Wook, a wizard in Alchemy of Souls, has had his powers shut down since childhood. He even has to try harder to open up



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