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10 Girly OOTD Ideas by Park Min Young in Drama Love in Contract, Cutie!

For those of you who are viewers of the drama Love in Contract, you must often sway with Park Min Young’s outfit. The contrasting outfit does give a girly impression when worn. Well, this can be an OOTD inspiration for those bored with monotonous outfits.
Park Min Young’s girly OOTD in the drama Love in Contract is suitable for daily use or certain formal events. Curious about anything? Come on, see the review here. Let’s check this out!
1. To keep your appearance neat, you can try wearing a collarless blazer that is combined and matched with a white blouse
2. Is your white shirt just like that? Mix and match with slayer motifs to make it look more adorable
3. You can try this Park Min Young-style OOTD; the pink color makes you look more girly
4. A formal top with a pink color like this makes your style more girly and classy
5. Blue has a calming effect; you can try this OOTD to keep your mood good all day long
6. Your appearance will be more adorable with a white vest and shirt, making you look younger
7. To make your skin brighter, try wearing an ivory-yellow blazer. For the interior, you can match it with a black tank top
8. Cardigan is indeed suitable to be combined with any outfit. Don’t kill style!
9. Confused about adding accessories during your OOTD? Try wearing a top with an embossed motif like this. It can give a sweet impression of its own
10. Finally, Park Min Young wore an abstract motif dress at the press conference, perfect for formal events, right?
In addition to an interesting storyline, the outfits of the drama Love in Contract cast also make a salvo. Especially what Park Min Young is wearing. The ten girly OOTDs in the style of Park Min Young in the drama Love in Contract above are perfect for those who want to find a new style. Interested in trying?



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