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10 K-pop idols who left the group after their debut, the newest is Kim Garam.

Idols leaving the group is something that fans don’t want. Idol reasons for leaving the group vary, ranging from health problems to scandals or controversies.
Recently, Kim Garam has become one of the idols that netizens have widely discussed. Lebel HYBE, the agency that houses her in the LE SSARAFIM group, removed her from the girl group and terminated the contract.
Investigate, HYBE fired Kim Garam because of bullying at his school. Kim Garam officially left the LE SSERAFIM group, which just debuted on May 2, 2022.
Kpop idols who left the group after their debut
1. Kim Garam ex LE SSERAFIM
On July 20, 2022, Kim Garam left the LE SSERAFIM group. He was terminated due to a bullying scandal during his school days.
2. Seunghee ex DIA
Not even a year, Seunghee left the group that had just debuted in 2015. The reason Seunghee left the group was the identity crisis he was experiencing.
3. Jiyoon ex Weekly
After two years of debuting with Weekly, Jiyoon officially left the group on June 1, 2022, due to health problems.
3. Kim Woo Jin ex Stray Kids
Kim Woo Jin decided to leave Stray Kids after two years of debut due to undisclosed personal reasons. However, Kim Woo Jin was once involved in sexual harassment rumors, stating that the stories were slanderous.
4. Jaeseok ex-Golden Child
Jaeseok left the group, which debuted in 2017, due to health problems. Golden Child debuted with 11 members and has good popularity in the country.
5. Junhyeok ex Day6
Day6, the group that is famous for the song Congratulations. Debuting in 2015 with six members, they lost one of their personnel, Junhyeok, in early 2016 due to personal reasons.
6. Youngmin ex AB6IX
The group officially debuted on May 22, 2019, leaving only four members. Youngmin officially left the 2020 group after being involved in a drunk driving case.
7. Hwall ex The Boyz
After debuting for four years with his group PAFA 2017, Hwall decided to leave The Boys due to health problems with him.
8. Soojin ex (G)i-dle
The group that debuted in 2018 had to carry out activities with only five members. Soojin officially left the group in 2021 after being caught in a bullying case at school.
9. Wonho ex MONSTA X
Wonho, who has been with Monsta X for four years, has officially left the group that has made his name. Wonho was once involved in a drug case rumor, and the results of the police examination stated that Wonho was free of drugs.
10. BI ex Icon
The group, famous for the song Love Scenario, ended with only six members. Icon’s leader, Kim Hanbin (BI), decided to leave iKON because BI was involved in a drug purchase case that shocked netizens.



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