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11 Popular Drama Recommendations for Seasons of Blossom Main Players.

KDrama Seasons of Blossom is the latest drama on the Wavve platform, which has been airing since September 2022. This drama with the theme of school romance stars Seo Ji Hoon with So Joo Yeon.
In addition to being studded with famous young Korean stars, this drama also has an exciting and interesting storyline. Here are 11 recommendations for KDrama starring the main cast of Seasons of Blossom.
1. Solomon’s Perjury (2016) became Seo Ji Hoon’s hit drama. At that time, he competed in acting with Kim Hyun Soo and Jang Dong Yoon
2. Into All The Guys Who Loved Me (2020), Seo Ji Hoon competed with Yoon Hyun Min to win Hwang Jung Eum’s heart
3. Co-acting with Shin Ye Eun, Seo Ji Hoon plays a coffee shop owner named Lee Jae Sun in Meow, The Secret Boy (2020)
4. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (2019) became a popular drama during its broadcast. Seo Ji Hoon himself plays the king of the Joseon era
5. So Ju Yeon plays Suh Rinni, a bucin girl who faithfully waits for her boyfriend to finish his military service in KDrama Lovestruck In The City (2021)
6. Competing with Ahn Hyeo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung, So Ju Yeon had the opportunity to play a cute doctor in Dr. Romantic 2 (2021)
7. A Love So Beautiful (2020) brings together So Ju Yeon and Kim Yo Han as friends who eventually become lovers
8. Kim Min Kyu officially debuted as an actor through the web drama Pop Out Boy! (2020)
9. Idol: The Coup (2021) shows the struggles and twists and turns of Kim Min Kyu’s life as the leader of a KPop group
10. Kang Hye Won, who co-starred in Seasons of Blossom, is a rookie actress. He debuted in the web drama Best Mistake 3 (2021)
11. Yoon Hyun Soo as Yoon Chan Young’s younger brother as well as a teenager who likes to cause trouble in Juvenile Delinquency (2022)
Various kinds of genres, that’s 11 recommendations for Korean dramas starring the main character Seasons of Blossom. Of the eleven dramas above, which ones have you watched?



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