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11 Young Idols Born in the 2000s Birthday August, There are STAYC to NCT Members.

Achieving success at a young age is the dream of almost everyone, including Kpop Idols, who have succeeded in the entertainment world at a relatively young age.
This is what makes fans even more amazed by idols. Because at a very young age, they can be successful armed with their talent. The following is a row of young Kpop Idols who will celebrate their birthdays this August.
1. Sieun STAYC
Starting her career as a child artist through the 2014 children’s TV series ‘Pluto Secret Society’, yesterday Sieun turned 21 years old. Having a cute face, Sieun was born in Seoul on August 1, 2001. In addition to a successful career as an actress, sieun has now chosen to debut with STAYC in 2020.
2. Seongmin CRAVITY
Being the maknae in the group, Seongmin is still very young. The Seoul-native singer was born on August 1, 2003. That is, Seongmin is currently 19 years old. Although still very young, Seongmin’s talent is certainly not kidding. He even has the nickname ‘golden-handed’ thanks to his skills in drawing and making calligraphy.
3. Chaewon LE SSERAFIM
The leader of the new Idol group from HYBE Lebel, LE SSERAFIM, was born in August. The owner of the real name Kim Chaewon was born in Gangnam on August 1, 2000. Now, Chaewon is even 22 years old.
A week apart from the leader, Kazuha LE SSERAFIM will also get older in early August. The owner of the full name Kazuha Nakamura is a girl born in Japan on August 9, 2003. The vocalist, rapper, and dancer of LE SSERAFIM will only turn 19 next week. While living in Japan until 16, Kazuha is now living in South Korea to pursue her career as an idol.
5. NCT’s Jaemin
This South Korean-born singer and actor will turn 22 on August 13. Having the full name Na Jaemin, he is a descendant of a wealthy family. Fans often call him the ‘only child of the rich.
6. Hueningkai TXT
Having a melodious voice, Hueningkai is the maknae in the group. Born in America in 2002, Hueningkai will celebrate his birthday on August 14. Still young, Hueningkai already has a brilliant career as a singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and rapper.
7. Jun Han Xdinary Heroes
The second youngest member of the Idol group Xdinary Heroes, will turn 20 on August 18. Having a musical voice talent, the owner of the real name Han Hyeong Jun occupies a position as a guitarist in his group.
The visual of this TREASURE group turned out to be just turning 21 years old. Hamada Asahi was born in Japan on August 20, 2001. At a very young age, Asahi is a vocalist in his group. Not only that, Asahi is also a composer and song lyricist.
9. Yeseo KEP1ER
Yeseo, who is currently only 17 years old, started her career as a child actress and debuted in the children’s idol group CutieL in 2010. This former member of the Idol group Busters was born in Incheon on August 22, 2005. Wow, so young!
10. Bomin Golden Child
Choi Bomin is a South Korean singer, actor, and presenter who will turn 22. Joined with Golden Child in 2017, Bomin was born in Yongin, South Korea, on August 22, 2000.
11. Wonyoung IVE
Jang Wonyoung, familiarly called Wonyoung, is a young idol member of IVE, having previously debuted with IZ*ONE. Famous for his visuals and cute character, Wonyoung was born in Seoul on August 31, 2004, which means Wonyoung will turn 18 at the end of August.
That’s a row of young Idols born in the 2000s who have birthdays in August.



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