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17 Sexiest K-Drama Male Leads Of 2022 So Far

1. GOT7’s Jinyoung
GOT7’s Jinyoung in “Yumi’s Cells 2” has stolen the hearts of many, making him quite the heartthrob this year. His role as the sweet and considerate Yoo Babi, who is irrevocably in love with Yumi (Kim Go Eun), has no flaws. The director of the series had wanted to show a character who was the world’s kindhearted guy, which Jinyoung is doing a great job of portraying! It’s no surprise that the Yoo Babi fan club continues to grow weekly.
2. Ahn Bo Hyun
Ahn Bo Hyun has been busy these past couple of years as he has taken on multiple roles while making great strides into becoming a very sought-after actor. His large stature and heart-stopping charm have helped him become very popular. His role as Do Bae Man in “Military Prosecutor Doberman” is one of the most charismatic roles in a K-drama this year. He plays a prosecutor who initially seems very superficial and cold but later becomes a lovable character. It’s also a given that Ahn Bo Hyun in military uniform is a look we can 100 percent get behind!
3. Son Suk Ku
Son Suk Ku is a must on this list, as he played the male lead of “My Liberation Notes” and took South Korea and the world by storm. No one could have anticipated the vast impact an alcoholic man, who falls head over heels in love with a regular girl, would have in K-dramaland. Not only did he have his first-ever starring male lead K-drama role, but his new movie “The Outlaws 2” has garnered over 12 million moviegoers. This is Son Suk Ku’s year, and he is already confirmed for another project that many are over the moon about!
4. Ahn Hyo Seop
“A Business Proposal” is the rom-com series of 2022. Ahn Hyo Seop, as chaebol heir Kang Tae Moo was perfectly handsome, charming, and sexy, sweeping everyone off their feet. His reliance, honesty with his feelings, and overall aura while sporting a three-piece suit made him a definite hunk. His one-liners while trying to win over Shin Ha Ri’s (Kim Sejeong’s) heart were very compelling. It was the perfect role for him; every scene he was in only set off fireworks.
5. Nam Joo Hyuk
Set in the late 1990s, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is a series starring Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin, a reporter who is trying to get his family back together after being struck by a financial crisis. He falls in love with Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri), an aspiring fencer. Baek Yi Jin is a character many have felt all kinds of sentiments over, as his story was rocky. Nam Joo Hyuk was so effectively able to show this sensitive and emotional side of his acting abilities that he is most definitely a candidate for this list.
6. Kim Young Dae
Considered a rookie actor, Kim Young Dae has impressed many with his role this year, starring alongside Lee Sung Kyung in the rom-com series “Sh**ting Stars.” Kim Young Dae was so delightful and convincing in this role as the hotshot actor who is madly in love with the head of PR. Being a character who is also funny, Kim Young Dae was able to play this comedic aspect so effortlessly. He rose to the occasion, and fans are already looking forward to his next rom-com role!
7. Park Hyung Sik
Park Hyung Sik in “Soundtrack #1” as Han Sun Woo, a tender and warmhearted photographer who only has eyes for his best friend Lee Eun Soo (Han So Hee), is everything. There was something about seeing Park Hyung Sik utter the words, “I’m going crazy,” while looking at Eun Soo that gave all the butterflies and made him so much more alluring. In very Park Hyung Sik fashion, fans could see his soft and sentimental acting through this role.
8. Rowoon
What are the sexiest actors list without the mention of SF9’s Rowoon? In the fantasy series “Tomorrow,” Rowoon plays Choi Joon Woong, a human who gets into an accident and joins forces with a couple of grim reapers. Seeing him work to try and save the lives of people struggling to make it through life is a touching story and one that was beyond emotional. The story brought healing and depth, and with Rowoon in the starring role, there were some obvious bonus factors – one being that he looks breathtaking in a suit!
9. Lee Joon Gi
There is something magnetically charming about Lee Joon Gi whenever he stars in a series. He can pull his viewers in, making them engaged and emotionally invested in his role and the storyline. His role as Kim Hee Woo in “Again My Life” is no different. Lee Joon Gi always slays in the mystery/action type K-dramas, as the stories and his acting are bound to keep viewers on the edges of their seats. His convincing acting skills and ability to pull off casual and formal attire are perfect.
10. Ji Chang Wook
Who would have thought a singing magician would have the ability to make hearts skip a beat? As Rieul in the musical healing drama “The Sound of Magic,” Ji Chang Wook managed to do just that. His character was so endearing, unique, and charming that you couldn’t help but long for a fantasy of being able to meet a magician whenever times get tough. We were also blessed to see him singing throughout the series – he’s got the most heart-stopping vocals!
11. Hwang In Yeop
“Why Her?” is the currently airing mystery romance series starring Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun Jin. Hwang In Yeop’s role as Gong Chan in the series has been adorably sweet, as he’s open and wears his heart on his sleeve while persisting for love. This has been a busy year so far for Hwang In Yeop as he also starred in “The Sound of Magic,” which aired in May. His fans are thrilled about the double header, as Hwang In Yeop’s presence always lights up the small screen. His appeal in taking on such eclectic roles has been enjoyable to watch.
12. Lee Min Ho
Whether you love or hate his characters, Lee Min Ho always manages to look confident and unique in every role he takes on. In the international hit series “Pachinko,” which is based on the novel by Min Jin Lee, Lee Min Ho plays Koh Hansu, a Korean man who lives in Japan and ends up falling in love with Sunja (Kim Min Ha). The best part about this series was seeing him in a very complex role and seeing all of his interviews and the cast having a great time. A smiling and laughing Lee Min Ho is sexy!
13. Song Kang
Song Kang’s portrayal of Lee Si Woo in “Forecasting Love and Weather,” a romantic comedy series set in a weather administration office, was enjoyable and alluring as always. His character had a puppy dog charm that was adorably contagious. His upbeat personality lit up the screen, making viewers smile and appreciate his acting abilities. Song Kang has shown so many different sides of himself, and this particular role was another one to add to the growing list. Fans look forward to seeing him reprise his role as Cha Hyun Soo in Seasons 2 and 3 of “Sweet Home”!
14. Yoon Kye Sang
Yoon Kye Sang has come a long way since his villainous role as Jang Chen in “The Outlaws” movie. He has only shown that he can do it all, as his role in “Kiss Sixth Sense” as Cha Min Hoo is very soft, sweet, and romantic. “Kiss Sixth Sense” is based on the hit webtoon by Gatnyeo, and with all the anticipation leading up to the series, Yoon Kye Sang was able to deliver all the stops to make it a worthwhile watch. Additionally, it was a complete delight seeing Yoon Kye Sang in a romantic lead role. The heart flutters were endless!
15. Lee Joon
Lee Joon’s brooding and versatile acting have earned him a spot on this list. This year, he starred in the series “Bloody Heart,” a sageuk about a King who decides not to be with the woman he loves to survive. Lee Joon’s emotional acting as Lee Tae touched viewers as he dealt with King’s political upheaval and tried to contain his emotions while having Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na) around. He was able to act out the battle between reason and love perfectly.
16. So Ji Sub
So Ji Sub ages like fine wine, which is apparent in his current role as Han Yi Han in “Doctor Lawyer.” The dual professions that Yi Han takes on are so attractive that it’s hard not to swoon over him. So Ji Sub’s long-term presence in the entertainment business is evident in his effortless acting, making him much more appealing to watch. We can always count on the power of his charisma.
17. Sung Hoon
Sung Hoon is not shy about showing off his sex appeal through his various roles. Even Sung Hoon’s character, Raphael, in the series “Woori the Virgin,” screams sexy. He has a consistent knack for playing self-assured, wealthy, and powerful characters who are always pretty persistent in winning the female lead over. His role in this series was no different, and fans could not complain. His presence can always draw viewers in, making them fall for his charm.



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