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19 years after the “viral” photo in Baeksang, what is the life of the 4 beauties who created that moment?

In addition to awards, awards ceremonies are often noticed by the appearance of famous beauties and male gods in the entertainment industry. Korea – the place that creates “visual” beautiful faces is no exception.
Whenever award ceremony events are held, the public pays attention to the red carpet outfits of top stars. In the history of Korean award ceremonies, perhaps the most remembered moment is when the top 4 beauties such as Son Ye Jin, Ha Ji Won, Kim Jung Eun and Kim Ha Neul also appear in a frame. Figure. It was during the 2003 Baeksang Awards.
Perhaps Son Ye Jin’s tiny body was said to be among the seniors at that time. But Son Ye Jin’s life after 19 years since that photo may not be inferior to her seniors.
1. Kim Ha Neul
Kim Ha Neul was born in 1978; the beauty is highly appreciated for her ability to transform well in all genres. Beauty is known to the Vietnamese public through famous works such as The tutor friend, The liar beauty, A gentleman’s quality, On-Air…
Kim Ha Neul is quite secretive about love affairs, possessing such an outstanding career. The beauty “Lying Beauty” only made it public once, when she got married. Kim Ha Neul got married in March 2016, but the beauty did not reveal her husband’s image or identity. A source revealed that Kim Ha Neul’s husband is a businessman with excellent family background. The couple dated for more than a year before officially entering the ceremony.
At the end of May 2018, Kim Ha Neul’s management company representative said that the actress gave birth at a hospital in Seoul, South Korea. After temporarily withdrawing from the screen to focus on taking care of her small family, Kim Ha Neul has returned with 2 hit works, such as Return to the age of 18 and War of Pointed Heels. Looking at Kim Ha Neul’s beauty, no one thought that the beauty was a “mother of one child”.
2. Son Ye Jin
In the “viral” photo that year in Baeksang, Son Ye Jin was still considered a rookie when she entered the entertainment industry not long ago. However, when standing next to the seniors of both age and profession, Son Ye Jin still looks not inferior. The beauty and confidence of his wife, Hyun Bin, at that time made the public admire it.
Many people also think that, out of the 4 beauties in this “viral” photo, Son Ye Jin is the luckiest to have a love story as beautiful as a fairy tale. During her 20 years in the entertainment industry, although she has been “pushed” with her co-stars many times, Son Ye Jin admits that no one has made her flutter.
One person only really touches Son Ye Jin, her current husband – actor Hyun Bin. Right before the wedding on March 31, Son Ye Jin even revealed that Hyun Bin was her first love. The wedding of that century has been over for 3 months, but all activities and images of this cult couple have still received special attention from the public. At present, Son Ye Jin is not only rich and famous but also lucky to be married to one of the most handsome male actors in Kbiz.
3. Kim Jung Eun
Born in 1974, Kim Jung Eun was known to Vietnamese audiences after the success of “Paris Love Story”. Compared to the other 3 juniors in the picture, perhaps, Kim Jung Eun’s love story is quite eventful.
Referring to Kim Jung Eun, perhaps many people will immediately think of the love story between her and actor Lee Seo Jin. The couple fell in love after working together in “Lover”. After 2 years together, Kim Jung Eun was suddenly “kicked” by her boyfriend with just a phone message. Even before that, the two had never shown any signs of discord.
A source revealed that Kim Jung Eun was initially unpopular with Lee Seo Jin’s mother. She said that Kim Jung Eun’s background is not “subsidized” for Lee Seo Jin. Not only that, Lee Seo Jin’s mother was not satisfied that her son’s identity was inferior to that of his girlfriend. After this noisy breakup, Lee Seo Jin’s image also deteriorated in the public’s eyes. Many people think that Lee Seo Jin is not worthy of men, so afraid of his mother that he cannot stand to protect his girlfriend.
Going through this noisy love affair, in 2015, Kim Jung Eun confirmed dating a tycoon. She and her boyfriend held a dream wedding in April 2016 with the participation of many influential figures in the Korean entertainment industry. Since getting married until now, Kim Jung Eun has almost not been active in art but has focused on taking care of her family.
4. Ha Ji Won
Born in 1978, Ha Ji Won is known as the “rating queen” with many successful films such as Secret Garden, The King 2 Heart, Queen Ki…
Being so famous, Ha Ji Won’s salary is also terrible. Ha Ji Won receives a salary of 50 million Won for a drama episode. In the film industry, she is paid about 400-600 million Won for a work.
In addition to filming and advertising, Ha Ji Won also invests in the business. She and her friends launched their skincare cosmetics brand and earned a large amount of money every month. Among the 4 beauties at the “viral” moment that year, Ha Ji Won is the one who has remained single so far. Famous for her many connections in the entertainment industry, Ha Ji Won never accepted to see eyes.
Ha, Ji Won said she is the type of woman who likes natural, fateful encounters. Beautiful people are always comfortable in love and dating. However, when someone offers to introduce Ha Ji Won to an audience, this beauty will not hesitate to refuse immediately.
In Ha Ji Won’s life, she lost two people closest to her. It’s the actress’s father and younger brother. In January 2016, Ha Ji Won’s father passed away after a heart attack. In January 2018, the actress continued to suffer the loss of a loved one when her younger brother – actor Jun Tae Soo passed away.



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