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3 Portraits of BLACKPINK Jisoo Ahead of Comeback, Looks Skinny.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is back in the spotlight of netizens ahead of a comeback with her group. The reason is, in several photos uploaded to the Instagram account, @sooyaaa_, Jisoo looks thinner.
Many fans speculated that Jisoo had been on a strict diet ahead of preparations for her comeback with BLACKPINK.
BLACKPINK itself is known to have not released a song for almost two years since 2020. Until Sunday, July 31, 2022, the agency, namely YG Entertainment, announced a comeback schedule for the group’s tour.
Launching from the Instagram account @sooyaaa__ on Monday (1/8/2022), we have chosen three portraits of BLACKPINK Jisoo ahead of her group’s comeback.
BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Portrait Ahead of Comeback
1. Look Charming with a Mini Dress
The portrait of Jisoo wearing a black mini dress wrapped with a silver necklace while in Madrid, Spain looked very charming to fans. However, what the public pays attention to is Jisoo’s body figure which looks thinner than before. Even so, Jisoo still gets a lot of positive comments from fans.
“You are very beautiful, a very talented woman,” wrote the account @im_rinny ***.
“You are amazing,” wrote the account @skj ***.
2. Look Fresh All Blue
Appearing stylelish with a blue shirt top coupled with a vest and jeans made Jisoo’s appearance look more fresh. Many fans like Jisoo’s outfit.
“Your skin is so beautiful! I wish I had a kuit as good as you,” wrote the account @ilove_ehae ***.
“The beauty is spilling over. Very impressive. The most beautiful queen,” wrote the @zorodo *** account.
3. Look Charming When Attending Dior Events
Jisoo was seen wearing a jet black dress with a lace bandage on it. She also perfected her outfit with a tiny bag in her hand. Jisoo looks more charming when she uses light makeup.
“You know you are very beautiful. Fantastic,” wrote @jimmie ***.
“I really admire you for who you are, you are now what you wish,” wrote @purple_l ***.
That’s a portrait of Jisoo who is said to look slimmer ahead of BLACKPINK’s comeback scheduled for August and a tour at the end of the year.



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