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3 reasons why “Snowdrop” Jisoo – Blackpink, Jung Hae In are in danger of being banned

After the first episodes of “Snowdrop” aired, many fierce controversies occurred regarding the film’s content.
On the morning of December 20, the first information about the viewership ratings of “Snowdrop” was revealed. Specifically, according to Korean media, the rating of episode 1 of the drama recorded several 2.985%, especially for episode 2, the number was 3.8%.
Looking at this achievement, it can be seen that the rating compared to the common ground is not too high, but it is still relatively stable compared to the movies shown on the same station. In addition, the Korean newspaper analyzed that the film is controversial but still has a domestic audience to see, proving that the work also has a particular attraction.
However, Korean audiences are concerned that they watch it just because they want to “explore” the film’s content. This information is not suitable for the “Snowdrop” crew.
200,000 signatures asking for the movie to stop broadcasting
“Snowdrop,” when aired, was met with fierce opposition because of political scandals and distortion of history. There have been 452 complaints about the movie; in addition, the petition to stop broadcasting “Snowdrop” has reached more than 200,000 signatures.
The noise of the film also greatly influenced the two main actors, especially the female lead Jisoo – Blackpink. She was violently “terrorized” on her personal Instagram” in the latest post.
Although Jisoo’s acting has received a good response, many people still think that the female idol was reckless when receiving noisy work.
Did the sponsor turn away?
Not only stopping at the controversy on the audience’s social networks, but the current “Snowdrop” also faces a more significant problem when many sponsors simultaneously withdraw their investment capital, asking the crew to delete it—historical scenes.
Currently, “Snowdrop” is in danger of stopping broadcasting. However, many viewers still think that this error cannot be blamed on the main actors, especially Jisoo – Blackpink. After all, they also worked very hard to fulfill their roles. As for the controversial content, the audience should question the producer and scriptwriter rather than attribute the shooting to the stars.

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