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3 Times Blackpink Jennie Flaunted Her Sass In Mini Dress.

Jennie of BLACKPINK is known as one of South Korea’s most stylish women, so she has donned some lovely gowns in the past. She could make any outfit seem 10 times better, even long gowns!
Let’s check out these 3 times when Blackpink Jennie flaunted her mini dress.
Although belts often serve a regular function, BLACKPINK’s Jennie unveiled a distinctive way to use the garment. Furthermore, if you have an abundance of belts, you may be able to DIY the look. Jennie appeared at a picture session to coincide with the release of BLACKPINK’s Born Pink, wearing a short outfit composed entirely of belts. The brand’s mirror buckle belts were used in Jennie’s dress, as Dion Lee remarked on its Instagram. Jennie carefully layered the leather belts to achieve her desired fit. She wore a black bandeau top below the belts, as seen in the second photo on the Instagram carousel, and black bottoms.
Jennie is sporting a La robe biasi dress from Jacquemus, which has an outrageous price tag of Rs 55,000. The off-the-shoulder, off-the-shoulder off-white short dress has a twist-draped neckline that accomplishes various purposes for her body.
Jennie arrived wearing an oversized jacket over her arms and a white one-shoulder dress. She accessorized with a pair of knee-high black boots.



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