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4 K-drama beauties representing four seasons with different fates: Won Bin – Bae Yong Joon received a happy ending!

The famous Korean 4-season movie “Spring Waltz”, “Summer fragrance”, “Autumn heart”, and “Winter Sonata” once “stormed” on the small screen at the same time. The time brought many male actors in the film to become A-listers and “monuments” of fans in the hearts of female fans.
Over the years, the male idols of that day had their career and direction. Now that many years have passed, top actors have had to go through different fates, some even disappearing from the entertainment industry altogether.
1. Song Seung Hun
Song Seung Hun is perhaps the most familiar face, having played the male lead in two of the four seasons, including “Autumn in My Heart” and “Summer Perfume”.
In “Autumn in My Heart”, the actor takes on the role of Joon Suh – Song Hye Kyo’s handsome and kind lover. Thanks to this role, Song Seung Hun became a sensational actor and was even nicknamed the “prince of musicals”.
After the success of this series, the actor once again stole hearts with the male lead role of Min Woo in “Summer Perfume”. The film quickly became a phenomenon and turned Song Seung Hun and co-star Son Ye Jin into one of the most beloved couples in Korea.
The actor later starred in many other productions, including “East of Eden”, but most of them fell short of expectations. Therefore, Song Seung Hun’s name gradually became inappropriate.
Currently, the actor is achieving a lot of success in the business field. He is currently single and owns a large entertainment company in Korea.
2. Bae Yong Joon
Bae Yong Joon used to be the male lead of “Winter Sonata” and was the co-star of legendary actress Choi Ji Woo. After the success of the series, the actor quickly became one of the top famous stars in Korea, with a salary of up to 250 million won (more than 4.6 billion VND) for each episode of Kdrama…
The series has made Bae Yong Joon the “prince charm” of many Korean women with desirable looks and cold personalities. He also became the beauty standard of Korean men and won the hearts of the entire public.
After “Winter Sonata”, the actor gradually withdrew from the entertainment industry to focus on business activities. He used to own a large entertainment company and achieved remarkable success in many different fields such as F&B, pub…
Bae Yong Joon is currently living happily with his wife, actress Park Soo Jin, and their 2 children. The actor rarely appears in public after marriage.
3. Seo Do Young
Seo Do Young takes on the role of male pianist Jae Ha, who is in love with actress Han Hyo Joo in “Spring waltz”. Unfortunately, he was judged as the least outstanding of all 4 actors on the list.
At the time, the actor was criticized for his lacklustre appearance and lack of acting experience. Therefore, Seo Do Young almost drowned in the talented Korean entertainment industry and did not achieve any other achievements.
Although Seo Da Young also starred in another series after “Spring Waltz”, he did not create a buzz. He falls behind the other male leads of the four-season series.
4. Won Bin
Although he only played the second lead role in “Autumn in My Heart”, Won Bin’s popularity has probably surpassed that of the male lead played by Song Seung Hun. With a highly radiant face and a solid but silent love for the female lead, Won Bin as Han Tae Seok entirely made the audience take their eyes off.
Unlike the others on the list, Won Bin stopped acting at the peak of his career, making Korean netizens deeply regretful. After “Autumn in My Heart”, Won Bin rarely appeared on the small screen, and his last appearance on the big screen was many years ago.
Won Bin mainly acts in commercials and is one of the most sought-after commercial stars, showing that his charm is still the same. Fans still hope to see the actor return to heart-pounding roles shortly.
Won Bin married actress Lee Na Young in 2015, and they have 1 son. The actor rarely talks about his personal life and is known to be an extremely private person. According to netizens, his appearance hasn’t aged a single day since ‘Autumn in My Heart’.



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