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5 adorable portraits of Kim Tae Ri, getting cuter at the age of 32.

This cute portrait of Kim Tae Ri, an actress from South Korea, will make you fall in love. Kim Tae Ri, who became famous for starring in a series of interesting films, namely The Haindmaiden (2016), Little Forest (2018), Space Sweeper (2020), and the historical drama Mr.Sunshine (2018), has a special place in the hearts of fans.
The beautiful actress, now 32 years old, even looks cute like a high school kid when her hair is styled with bangs. Tae Ri shared this look in a series of portraits on her personal Instagram account some time ago.
Then what is the portrait of Cute Kim Tae Ri like? Here is a row of cute portraits of Kim Tae Ri, launched from various sources on Friday (5/8/2022).
Kim Tae Ri’s cute portrait, like ABG
1. Yellow dress
Kim Tae Ri looks so cute wearing a yellow dress and posing in a car.
Her cheeks that look a little red make him look even more like a big new kid, aka ABG. She looks like an ABG child.
2. Like a high school kid
In the series, she starred with Nam Joo Hyuk, Twenty Five Twenty One, and Kim Tae Ri played a high school girl. There, Kim Tae Ri plays a fencer who also fills the days full of friendship.
Her trademark appearance in the drama, Tae Ri, often uses bangs and hairstyles in a half ponytail. That look makes Kim Tae Ri look innocent and adorable
3. Black Hoodie
In a different portrait, Kim Tae Ri uploaded her all-black appearance. Moreover, the actress uses a beanie to cover her bangs a little, which makes her even more adorable. Then, this beautiful actress wears a black hoodie. Her facial expressions make the actress look cute.
4. City Light
Sitting with a view of the city light, Kim Tae Ri poses very sweetly. She was seen propping her cheek using. Her hair in the wind makes Tae Ri’s cuteness level increase greatly.
5. All Pink
This beautiful actress, born in 1990, uses all pink clothes, starting from the suit, skirt and interior of her clothes. In the photo, Tae Ri looks very young, right?
Well, that’s a portrait of Kim Tae Ri, who is cute like a teenager even though she’s already in her thirties.



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