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5 Best Kpop Albums of 2022, BTS Not on the List.

The Best Kpop Album 2022 is always sought after by Kpop music lovers to greet fans through songs and music videos that are explicitly shown to fans worldwide.
One of the world’s popular magazines recently chose the five best Kpop songs for 2022. Some of the Idols on the list are also very famous.
As TIME reported Tuesday (26/7/2022), here are the five best Kpop albums for 2022.
Best Kpop Album 2022
1. Glitch Mode – NCT Dream
The boy band under SM Entertainment, NCT Dream, recently released their Glitch Mode album. NCT released 11 songs with the main song with the same title as the album name and can be listened to on various streaming music platforms in Indonesia.
2. Face the Sun – SEVENTEEN
Taking shelter under the HYBE label, SEVENTEEN recently released their newest album, Face the Sun. The album consists of nine songs: DON QUIXOTE, March, Domino, Shadow, about you IF you leave me, and Ash.
3. INVU – Taeyeon
One of the girl group members from SM Entertainment, SNSD, which until now still exists in the South Korean entertainment industry, Taeyeon, has just released her latest album, INVU. Taeyeon released 13 songs, one of which has the same title on her album.
4. PSY 9th – PSY
PSY has finally returned to greet fans through his latest work by releasing an album titled PSY 9th after a hiatus of approximately five years. For the album itself, there are 12 songs, one of which collaborates with Sugas BTS with the title That That.
5. Apocalypse: Save Us – Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher released their latest album after their last comeback was in 202. The album, released in 2022, has 14 songs,, and Maison was chosen as the top song.



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