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5 K-Pop Idols Who Learn English, There’s Choi Woo Sik to Wonyoung IVE.

Launching Allkpop, Friday (5/8/2022), here summarizes the list of K-Pop celebrities who are trying to master English.
Rows of K-Pop Celebs who Learn to Master English
1. Lee Byung Hun
The name of actor Lee Byun Hun is now almost known throughout the world thanks to his acting in various films and dramas that are marketed internationally.
Did you know Celeb Hitz? He had very little dialogue when he made his Hollywood debut as Storm Shadow in the film “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” in 2009. However, his English skills are growing rapidly. Now, he didn’t even have a thick innate accent. In other words, he already sounded like a native English speaker.
2. EXID’s Hani
Surprisingly, many do not know that EXID’s Hani is also quite fluent in English. Not only English, but he is also fluent in Chinese and Japanese. To be sure, he has the ability to various international languages ​​not instantaneously. He studied hard and earnestly until he was fluent in foreign languages.
3. Choi Woo Sik
Choi Woo Sik has gained popularity through his roles in Parasite and The Witch films. However, many people do not know that he is fluent in English. When he was in fifth grade, his family moved to Canada. And it was there that he developed his English skills.
4. Kang So Ra
Actress Kang So Ra is also someone many are unaware of her English fluency. The former partner of Super Junior’s Lee Teuk in the variety show We Got Married even sounds like a native speaker.
5. Wonyoung IVE
Wonyoung is also quite fluent in English. It made him even cuter than before. Since he was still a child, apparently, he had an English tutor who helped him all this time.
That’s a row of Kpop celebrities who are fluent in English.



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