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Long Awaited, 5 Most Awaited Things from Upcoming BLACKPINK Comeback.

It has been long awaited; YG Entertainment has finally revealed BLACKPINK’s comeback plans in August. The big news was then greeted with joy by Blink (BLACKPINK fans). The wait for fans after two years of hiatus is a matter of days.
Not only the announcement of a comeback, BLACKPINK is also rumored to be holding a second world tour soon. For impatient fans, here are the five most awaited things from BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback.
1. New music style
The quality of BLACKPINK’s music can’t be doubted. Thanks to each member’s various genres and vocal strengths, BLACKPINK has successfully produced many hit songs. In the upcoming comeback, BLACKPINK’s diversity of vocals and melodies is one of the most awaited.
2. New music video concept
BLACKPINK always presents a unique music video concept in each of its songs. To provide an accurate visualization, BLACKPINK doesn’t rely much on CGI (Computer Graphic Image) on each MV. BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback has fans wondering what new concept to use.
3. Blink international’s awaited world tour
The upcoming world tour is happy news for international fans. After being blocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, BLACKPINK is finally rumored to be greeting Blink in various countries. There is no official information about the country that will be visited, and this is what is now a question for most fans.
4. International collaboration
Being The Biggest Girl Group in the World, BLACKPINK is known to have collaborated with world musicians. Even on their last comeback, BLACKPINK took Selena Gomez and Cardi B for a single on The Album. His collaborations with other world musicians are among the most anticipated fans.
5. Appear on TV shows
An essential part of K-Pop group comebacks is on various music shows, variety shows, and interviews. Many Blinks have expressed their desire for BLACKPINK to promote more at domestic events.
The five things above are the awaited Blink wishlist for the upcoming comeback. Hopefully, everything will be achieved according to Blink’s wishes; which wish, here, do you most hope will come true?



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