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5 Popular Korean Dramas Starring Lee Min Ho, One of them Breaks a Phenomenal Record!

Lee Min Ho is a top actor in South Korea. He has starred in several popular dramas.
Handsome looks, proportionate body, and fantastic acting skills become Lee Min Ho’s slick capital to jump in the South Korean entertainment world.
Thanks to this capital, plus struggle and hard work, Lee Min Ho’s popularity continues to soar over time. Many Korean drama offers keep coming to Lee Min Ho. Most recently, Lee Min Ho is preparing a Korean drama entitled Ask The Star, which will star Gong Hyo Jin. The new theater will air in 2023.
Of course, fans can’t wait to see Lee Min Ho’s action in the Korean drama.
Here are five popular Korean dramas starring Lee Min Ho as reported by JakTimNews from the Drama 22 YouTube channel.
1. Boys Before Flowers (BBF)
Boys Over Flowers begins with a monkey love story between a super rich kid and a poor girl who attends an elite school. Geum Jan-Di (Hye-seon Ku) is a girl from a low-income family with a high sense of optimism and enthusiasm.
BBF, broadcast in 2009, premiered with a rating of 13 percent based on AGB Nielsen Korea.
The rating continued to increase until, in episode 16, it touched 30 percent.
Thanks to the excellent audience response and the flow of requests for an extension of the episode, the drama was finally extended by five episodes and ended with a high rating of 32.7 percent.
These nicks make the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers one of the most phenomenal Kdrama in the last decade.
2. The Legend of the Blue Sea
Legend of the Blue Sea tells the story of a Joseon nobleman Kim Dam Ryeong and the mermaid Se Hwa. Their love story in legend ended tragically.
Dam Ryeong then makes an artifact to warn him about the future.
Sure enough, a new life turned out to be reuniting Dam Ryeong and Se Hwa.
3. The Heirs
The Heirs tells the story of a private school only for the rich.
The children who attend school here are the future heirs of the elite companies, businesses, and politicians in South Korea. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is the heir to the conglomerate Jeguk Group.
He was assigned to find a healer who could heal Princess Nogoog, who was seriously injured by being struck by a sword on the way.
4. The King: Eternal Monarch
The King: Eternal Monarch is a romance drama depicted in two parallel worlds: Korea in the present and Korea in the constitutional monarchy.
The story begins with Lee Lim, a half-sister who tries to snatch Manpasikjeok from his half-brother, the king of Korea, and his son.
5. City Hunter
This drama tells the story of Lee Yoon-sung, a talented MIT graduate who works as a soldier on the international communications team at the Blue House.
He plans to take revenge on the five politicians who caused the death of his father, Lee Jin-Pyo.
So, that’s a successful Korean drama starring Lee Min Ho. Which drama is your favorite?



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