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5 reasons why Lisa Blackpink has shown herself to be Thailand’s most cherished princess.

1. She wore an extravagant traditional Thai outfit for her first solo music video.
Lisa’s stunning traditional Thai attire for her solo Lalisa music video drew a lot of attention, and every detail was interwoven with the Thai culture. The costume was memorable, hand-embroidered with Thai brocade golden silk, decorated with Swarovski crystals, and custom-designed for Lisa by Bangkok-based designer Polpat Asavaprapha.
2. She’s probably Thailand’s most famous export ever.
We all know that Blackpink is a class above the rest regarding female K-pop groups, but Lisa’s distinctive appeal is clear. All 120,000 printed copies of Harper’s Bazaar Thailand sold out when she obtained her first solo magazine cover.
3. She’s a brilliant advocate for Thai food and culture.
Lisa has enormous clout, and she never hesitates to use it to promote her country’s rich culture. When she stated how much she missed her birthplace of Buriram, and in particular, the meatball sellers are surrounding the Buriram train station, she single-handedly drew an inflow of tourists to her lesser-known homeland.
4. She’s even got the Thai Prime Minister’s approval.
Lisa is adored in Thailand, not just by the general public but also by the Prime Minister. According to the Bangkok Post, Prayut Chan-o-cha personally thanked the artist for using her Lalisa music video to promote Thai culture.
5. She uses her vast wealth to give back to her country.
Lisa is well-known for her lavish lifestyle, but she also doesn’t hesitate to give back, particularly her homeland. After a monsoon inundated numerous districts of Thailand in 2019, she gave money to a disaster relief fund. In 2021, she began collecting contributions to create a cultural complex in her birthplace of Buriram.



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