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5 reasons why Son Ye Jin will be the perfect mum to her first child with new husband Hyun Bin.

Here we look at five reasons why Son will excel in her new journey of motherhood.
1. She adores her sister’s children
While she has played a mother on-screen before, Son also adores children in real life, particularly her sister’s kid. According to Soompi, she said during an interview in 2018, “I’ve come to love children by watching my sister take care of her child. I never thought I wanted to be a mother, but looking at her child, it occurred to me for the first time.”
But the Valentino brand ambassador is competitive too – even against kids! She added: “When I play with my sister’s children, and they give prizes to the winner, I always win. It’s funny, but that’s me in real life.” (Fun fact: the couple has fashion in common, too, as Hyun Bin has worked with Tom Ford Beauty.)
2. She’s a strong female lead
Whether she plays a single dermatologist in her recent Netflix series Thirty-Nine or an ambitious career woman in Something in the Rain (2018), Son has taken on plenty of solid and independent female roles.
This might have to do with her outlook on life, as she believes in women’s freedom and advocates that marriage is a personal choice. “I’m lucky my parents don’t give me any pressure,” she said in an interview with The Glass Magazine in 2021. “But there are, of course, some people who say that I should hurry up and get married. I think it’s a personal choice. I can’t tell you what is right or wrong [in life], but it is important to choose and prioritize the things [you] care about.”
Son might be a role model for many young women globally, but she advises against focusing too much on what others think. “We should realise our own value, find out what makes us happy and try to make it happen,” she added in the interview.
3. She will most likely be a working mum
Son has enjoyed a long and flourishing career thanks to her indelible work ethic and passion for her work. So although she is expecting her first child, it’s most likely that Son will continue to work after becoming a mother.
She said in another interview, “Every time I look around me, I notice that people who are married are unable to do all the work they want to do. Being a mother and wife are big roles,” reported K-drama Stars.
The “nation’s first love” also commented on why she’s never taken a pause yet in her two-decade-long career: “Even if I really want to take a break and get some rest, if I see a great script, then I end up wanting to do it,” she said, according to Soompi.
However, according to a Statistics Korea 2020 report, the employment rate for working mothers with underage children reached a decline of about 55 percent in South Korea, signaling that only about half of the nation’s mothers work after having a baby. So it will be interesting to see how Son manages her career after giving birth.
Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing the mum-to-be will continue to inspire women everywhere.
4. She takes being a mother seriously
Son is also a woman with firm principles. She always takes her own time in life, saying in a 2018 interview that she would not become a mother until she is ready.
“I’m still not ready to become someone’s wife or mother. If I get married later, I will raise children and help my husband well. I think that being a mother is precious and that a mother’s role is also vital,” she said, per Kbizoom. Three years later, and with a new hubby, we can imagine that she decided to start a family after careful consideration.
5. She will pamper her kid with delicious food
If you scroll through Son’s Instagram, you’ll quickly discover she’s a big-time foodie. The Classic (2003) star often shares restaurants she’s found during her travels and glimpses of her home-cooked dishes.
In 2021, Son shared a pic of an array of dumplings she had made, writing, “It’s the first time I’ve ever made it this pretty. Dumpling master. Goodnight.”
Her friend and fellow actress Lee Min-jung has also shared photos of a special dinner Son made for her – it was a proper Italian meal! Given Son’s love of cooking, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her spoiling her kid with delicious homemade food.
On the other hand, Hyun Bin’s cooking skills aren’t too shabby either. According to Kbizoom, he said in an interview, “Yes. I recently cooked galbi-jjim (Korean braised short ribs). It took me a while to make it.” When asked if he enjoys cooking, he replied, “I like to cook for the people I love, especially on days that we can’t eat out.” Aww!



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