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5 Unique Idols with the Heo surname, have almost perfect visuals that make hearts melt.

Clans cannot be separated from the names of people in South Korea. Along with the entry of Korean culture into the international arena, little by little, we get to know the culture, one of which is the surname.
Korean surnames that we often find and are widely used by Korean people include Lee, Park, Kim, Jeong, Choi, Kang, Cho, Yoon, and Lim. Apart from these clans, many other clans are commonly used in Korea, one of which is Heo.
Unlike Lee, Park, Kim, and others that we often find, the Heo clan is rarely encountered, especially in the entertainment world. However, some of these idols have the surname Heo and have charming charms; who do you think they are?
Here, summarize a row of idols with the surname Heo with almost perfect visuals.
List of Idols surnamed Heo
Heo Yunjin or Jennifer Huh is a Korean-American singer currently a member of the LE SSERAFIM group under HYBE Entertainment. In addition to his talent in singing, Yunjin is also talented in writing songs and being a composer. One of the songs he wrote was LE SSERAFIM’s song ‘Blue Flame’ in the album “Fearless.”
Having a beautiful face, Yunjin is even said to resemble one of Indonesia’s famous singers, Dewi Perssik. Do you think it’s similar?
2. Jiwon Cherry Bullet
The singer from South Korea, a member of the Cherry Bullet group, turns out to have the surname Heo. Heo Jiwon, who is familiarly called Jiwon, has joined Cherry Bullet under the auspices of FNC Entertainment since 2019.
Jiwon, known to have auditioned for Girls Planet 999, has captivating visuals, thus being nicknamed the ‘visual goddess rookie.’ Jiwon has the nickname ‘ViCenJi’, an acronym for ‘Visual Center Jiwon’.
3. Youngsaeng SS501
Heo Young Saeng is a singer from South Korea who was once a member of the second-generation Idol group SS501 and Double S 301. Youngsaeng then started a solo career under B2M Entertainment and released his first mini album entitled ‘Let It Go’ in May 2011.
Then, in 2012, she participated in the sitcom “Sent From Heaven.” In the same year, he also released his second album, “SOLO”. Now, the idol is 35 years old. However, Youngsaeng’s good looks still don’t fade, even though he is still cute like a teenager in his 20s.
4. Hyunjun The Boyz
Heo Hyunjun is a South Korean singer and actor familiarly called Hwall. The handsome 22-year-old idol is a former member of the Idol group The Boyz and is currently focusing on his solo career under Blossom Entertainment.
However, in 2020, Hyunjun announced that he had founded his label ‘Dia Note’. The handsome idol, who has a firm facial line and deep eyes, then launched his latest single titled ‘Baragi.’
5. Gayoon 4Minute
This South Korean singer and actress is a former member of the Idol group 4Minute and subgroup 2Yoon. The owner of the full name Heo Gayoon is now steadily pursuing a solo career and is building his career again under CUBE Entertainment.
Celebrating his 32nd birthday last May, Gayoon still looks fashionable, making her look more charming and youthful in her 20s.
That’s a row of idols with the surname Heo who are said to have almost perfect visuals.



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