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6 Kpop idols are not shy to show their tattoos, there are Jungkook BTS to Taeyon SNSD

South Korean idols are usually reluctant to show their tattoos due to a negative perspective by their fans. However, this row of Kpop idols chooses to appear as is and is not ashamed to show their tattoos to the public.
Interestingly, their fans even welcomed these idols and did not mind the tattoo. Summarized from SCMP, Sunday (31/7/2022), here are five idols who are not shy about showing their tattoos.
Idols Who Have Tattoos
1. Jungkook BTS
Who doesn’t know Jungkook BTS? He is known to have tattoos on his forearms. Uniquely, the tattoo depicts snakes, tigers, clocks, and flowers. His more sentimental tattoos include the number 7 behind his ear, which is interpreted as his friendship tattoo with BTS.
2. TWICE’s Chaeyoung
On the other hand, TWICE’s Chaeyoung also has a tattoo on her arm. Reportedly, Chaeyoung has a large tattoo on her back. In addition, she also has a lip tattoo on his left wrist. She also has a custom-designed fish tattoo on his left elbow.
3. Jay Park
In addition, there is also the handsome Idol Jay Park, who has a tattoo on his body. The tattoo is on his chest. When the Idol appeared shirtless at a concert, his tattoos were visible, making the audience excited. The tattoo is a picture of a lion.
4. Hyolyn wks SISTAR
Hyolyn once revealed in one of the Life Bars that she had a tattoo on her stomach for aesthetic reasons. The reason is that he has a cross-shaped scar from his two previous abdominal surgeries, which made him uncomfortable. As a result, he covered it with a tattoo.
5. Jackson Wang GOT7
It’s incomplete if you omit GOT7s, Jackson Wang. This Chinese Idol explained that he had eight tattoos on his body. Starting from Chinese writing, which means luck, lanterns, and also the Chinese zodiac sign of his parents.
6. SNSD’s Taeyon
Leader of Girl Group SNSD or Girls Generation, Taeyon also often expresses himself through his tattoos. The singer of Fine’s song is known to have more than ten small tattoos scattered on his body. The Idol also usually shares photos of his latest tattoo or makes Sone, SNSD fans guess where the Idol’s tattoo is.
That’s a row of Kpop Idols who don’t hesitate to show their tattoos to fans.



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