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6 OST KDrama Why Her? Which Describes Oh Soo Jae’s Life Journey.

Korean Drama Why Her?’, which just finished its last episode last Saturday, is getting much attention from Korean drama connoisseurs. With the happy ending of Oh Seo Jae’s story, he achieved a reasonably high rating.
It tells about the life journey of Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin), a Kindergarten Law Firm lawyer accused of causing someone to commit suicide. Because of the case that happened to him, he was demoted from an important position at the law firm and became a Law School Professor.
1. ‘Vincent’ – Sohyang
Having a melody with a charming guitar strum, Sohyang sang the first soundtrack for the drama ‘Why Her?’ entitled ‘Vincent’. With beautiful lyrics like a poem, the song turns out to be a remake of the western song by Don McLean of the same name.
‘Vincent’ in the song is inspired by the works and life of a painter named Vincent Van Goh, which is very dramatic—depicting the character Oh Seo Jae in the drama ‘Why Her’, despite the many problems he faces, Oh Seo Jae remains strong.
2. ‘Beautiful’ – DOKO
The second song, entitled ‘Beautiful’, sung by a South Korean soloist named Doko, was written with lyrics by Han Kyung Soo and Lee Do Hyeong. The poems in the song describe Gong Chan (Hwang In Youp)’s admiration for Oh Seo Jae.
In the past, when Gong Chan was involved in a case, Oh Seo Jae was the lawyer who defended and strengthened him. And they meet again as professors and students at the University.
3. ‘What About Us’ – Hajin
One of the following songs with English lyrics is sung by Hajin with the title ‘What About Us.’ It has a beautiful melody and uplifting lyrics, making this song one of the most loved by viewers of the drama ‘Why Her’.
Despite being a successful lawyer, Oh Seo Jae has various problems in his life. This makes Gong Chan always worry about him and try to continue to protect him.
4. ‘I’ll Be Your Side’ – K.Will
Next, K. Will sang a sad melody that could bring tears to his eyes. Again containing encouraging lyrics, Gong Chan always hopes that Oh Seo Jae will not be hurt again and will always be by his side.
A smooth blend of song lyrics composed by Jun-woo Jung and melodic chants from Jun-woo Jung and Minken. The song became the soundtrack of ‘Why Her?’ fourth part.
5. ‘I’m Here’ – So Jung
‘You don’t have to be afraid cause I’ll never leave you alone again.’ is one of the lyric stanzas of the song ‘I’m Here’ sung by Lee So Jung. Being the soundtrack of the fifth part, the song contains full English.
With a profound melody and uplifting lyrics, the song contains the meaning of someone strengthening his love and promising to stay here and never leave him.
6. ‘Where in the Fog’ – Gaho
OST ‘Why Her?’ Gaho sings the sixth with the title ‘Where in the Fog’. The lyrics of the song were composed by Han Joon. It tells about Oh Seo Jae not realizing that Gong Chan is the murder suspect he once defended. But when Seo Jae realizes it, he stays away from Gong Chan because he feels guilty for not winning the case first.
All the songs that fill the soundtrack of the drama ‘Why Her?’ are songs with strong lyrics. It has beautiful melodies, making it not boring to listen to over and over again. Of the six songs above, which one is your favorite, chingu?



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