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Here are 7 BTS dating rumors that many ARMYs are talking about.

The public is always curious about the natural person, the life behind the limelight of K-pop idols. Especially the 7 members of BTS, extraordinarily talented and famous worldwide.
Here are 7 BTS dating rumours that many ARMYs are talking about.
1.RM (80%-90%).
RM is the most likely to date member of BTS because ARMYs can see that he’s been working out a lot lately and taking care of his looks like you’re in love with someone or just dating. Dating. The key is to want to become perfect to attract the other person.
If you watched a video of BTS in which V said he wanted to see RM’s son. It can be guessed that RM is in a dating relationship. That’s why V mentioned it. Why does V not want to see the children of other members but RM?
RM’s girlfriend is most likely an outsider.
2. Suga (unknown).
Member Suga is quite unpredictable because his actions and feelings are elusive, so no one knows this. Most of this member’s co-dating news is usually without a lover.
3. Jin (under 80%).
Maybe the eldest Jin will have a lover because his personality is not the style of female idols. In addition, he does not want to date yet because he wants to focus on his career, catching up with his brothers.
4. J-Hope (under 70%).
J-Hope loves his fans very much. ARMYs can see this through his regular activity on Reverse with fans. Therefore, the possibility of J-Hope dating is relatively low.
5. Jimin (70%-80%).
Jimin is the style of many female idols. Many female idols liked and noticed him so that confession could happen. Thereby, the fact that Jimin is dating is no exception!
6. V (80%-90%).
This male god is beautiful to women. V’s handsome is like a statue, and he may have a lover. In BTS, perhaps V is the one who tends and thinks about getting married the most.
V’s sharing about this can be severe. In addition, V is also the eldest child, so thinking about getting married is an issue he always has to consider. Plus, in an episode of Run BTS! Recently, V is also very good at holding and clicking the phone.
V’s girlfriend is outside the entertainment industry.
7. Jungkook (80%).
Jungkook is not a shy person, as fans have seen. Jungkook is probably the most “playable” if talking about BTS members. So the guy’s personality is aggressive and possessive. At the same time, Jungkook is also a person who knows how to enjoy beauty, and the possibility that he is dating or has broken up is also relatively high.
Jungkook’s girlfriend is an industry insider because, in the past, he revealed that he likes someone with a good voice. This shows that Jungkook is more likely to date someone with an industry insider than ever before!

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