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7 heartwarming instances when Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin displayed their affection in public Before the Confirmation.

Before the official confirmation of their relationship, the beloved Korean stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, affectionately known as “BinJin” by fans, left breadcrumbs of their love story for the world to see. These precious moments, now etched in the hearts of their admirers, showcase the undeniable chemistry between them. Let’s delve into seven heartwarming instances when BinJin displayed their affection in public:

1. Crash Landing on You Press Event:
At a press event for “Crash Landing on You,” their eyes locked in a way that left everyone breathless. Hyun Bin’s gallant act of assisting Son Ye-jin to her seat was an early sign of their chivalrous connection.

2. Intimate Interviews:
During interviews, Hyun Bin couldn’t help but be captivated by Son Ye-jin. His gaze was a testament to his admiration for her, confirming their magnetic connection.

3. Behind-the-Scenes Bickering:
On the set of the drama, they bickered like a married couple, displaying a level of comfort and closeness that hinted at something more profound.

4. Supportive Moments:
Another behind-the-scenes gem showed Son Ye-jin stumbling into Hyun Bin’s arms, a heart-melting moment that showcased their natural chemistry.

5. Press Interviews for “Crash Landing on You:”
In interviews, their proximity spoke volumes, leaving no space between them. Their undeniable connection was impossible to ignore.

6. The Negotiation Era:
Their bond extended beyond their drama, “Crash Landing on You,” as they continued to exhibit their affection during the promotions for “The Negotiation.”

7. Emotional Scenes:
Ye-jin’s emotional scene in “Crash Landing on You” deeply moved Hyun Bin, who couldn’t take his eyes off her. This emotional connection hinted at the depth of their feelings.

These moments, though subtle at the time, provided ample proof of their genuine affection for each other. The BinJin couple, still acting professionally, managed to convey their love and care for each other even before their official confirmation.

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