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A controversy involving Jennie (of BLACKPINK) caused many fans to “turn their heads.”

On a popular idol forum, Jennie was recently criticized for a number of activities during the last world tour that were deemed disrespectful. The owner of the confession specifically mentioned Jennie’s decision to award the third round to the male dancers on the performance night. As a result of her conduct at this point, Jennie received several complaints that she was ugly and uncontrollable.
Jennie is shown in the video wearing incredibly short trousers while sitting in an uncomfortable position that even makes the concave portion of her upper thigh bone visible. Additionally, the female singer continuously bends while seated in this position.
Notably, this post also highlights that despite a barrage of criticism, Jennie’s supporters are still standing by the female singer. Over 50,000 people have liked and commented on the most recent post. Of course there will be defenses, but the majority of the statements asking for “exit fans” are the most concerning.
It is clear that Jennie’s reputation is suffering as a result of her numerous contentious prior activities.
In addition, Jennie has frequently upset the public with her delicate sense of style and nonconformist behavior.
In April 2019, Yan said that Jennie had an unanticipated wardrobe mishap the night of BLACKPINK’s second show on the North America Tour in Chicago on April 25 (Vietnam), giving detractors a chance to keep criticizing.
The female vocalist specifically opened her blouse to expose her breast during the song “Don’t know what to do.” To prevent “disclosure,” Jennie adjusted the garment with one hand while still performing.
When the female rapper, however, keeps tampering with the shirt and is unable to provide the flawless performance like the other members, it appears to be extremely tough for her.
She attempted to take the stage to do her part, but was compelled to leave when another performer was needed to adjust her attire.
In the fancam video she left the stage for almost 35 seconds before coming back to perform as if nothing had occurred. She had to leave the stage in a matter of seconds to alter a shirt, but regrettably she was “stoned” for her lack of a job.
Jennie Kim, who is 1m63 tall and was raised to want to be a teacher or a lawyer, ended up being the most well-known singer in Korean Kpop. She was born in 1996.
Four years after being introduced as a trainee at YG Entertainment, Jennie is now a part of the girl group BLACKPINK.



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