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A rare snapshot of Son Ye Jin with Song Hye Kyo’s two ex-lovers has sparked interest.

Some images from the 56th Baeksang Awards, which will be presented in 2020, were recently discovered. The snapshot taken amongst the artists that attended the occasion drew the most attention. Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin, and Lee Byung Hun are three significant characters.
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin got several honors for the film “Crash Landing on You” at the time. Despite claiming that they were dating in real life, they fell in love while shooting together. To escape media attention, Ye Jin stepped apart from Hyun Bin while shooting photos. Lee Byung Hun did not stand with Son Ye Jin or Hyun Bin.
Everyone knows that Hyun Bin and Lee Byung Hun were both previously in love with Song Hye Kyo. Perhaps this is why none of these celebrities interacts with the press.
Son Ye Jin acknowledged her relationship with Hyun Bin less than a year after the Baeksang Awards. They formally “returned to the same home” in March of this year, after more than a year of investigation. Son Ye Jin promptly made a strategy to extend her family because of her age. She found out she was pregnant immediately after her honeymoon. in the form of other people in the form of an an an a star.
Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun and his loving son Lee Min Jung have a happy family. He and his wife seem to have no plans to have further children. As a result, both men who used to adore Song Hye Kyo enjoy a happy conclusion to their marriage. So far, only Song Hye Kyo has had to deal with the shock of divorce and resuming a single life.



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