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A seemingly random detail that left Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s couple in a dilemma.

It was a seemingly random detail that sent the celebrity couple, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, into a whirlwind of confusion.

Amidst the hysteria surrounding the hit TV series “Descendants of the Sun,” the on-screen lovers, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, became the center of attention for both the media and their adoring fans. Without making their audience wait, the couple openly declared their relationship and soon after, they organized what can only be described as a wedding of the century. While their love story didn’t have a happily-ever-after ending, it’s safe to say that the wedding of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo was one of the most extravagant ceremonies in the Korean entertainment industry to date.

Cast your mind back to 2017 when the nuptials of the Song power couple took center stage in Asian media. At that time, the bride, Song Hye Kyo, left everyone in awe with her sweet and radiant beauty as she walked down the aisle in a wedding dress meticulously crafted by none other than Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of a renowned fashion house, alongside a team of talented artisans.

In her specially designed wedding gown for the momentous day, Song Hye Kyo radiated an aura of gentle and sweet charm, which perfectly complemented the simplicity yet impressiveness of her wedding dress. However, little did anyone know that this special wedding dress would prove to be an “omen” for the marriage of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

It turns out that in 2015, another Chinese A-lister, Angelababy, chose a different high-end wedding dress design for her big day. Interestingly, the fashion brand she selected happened to be the same as Song Hye Kyo’s choice. As many fans may already know, in January 2022, Angelababy and her husband, Huang Xiaoming, officially announced their separation, putting an end to their seven-year-long marriage.

Just like Angelababy, Song Hye Kyo did not have a serene and fulfilling married life. What’s more, she and Song Joong Ki divorced just two years after they shared their home. The couple left their fans in sorrow when they decided to part ways for different reasons in life. Nevertheless, up to the present day, Song Hye Kyo remains one of the leading beauties in South Korea and has built an incredibly impressive acting career at the age of 42.

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