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A series of Korean beauties turning 40: Son Ye Jin’s beauty seems to be forgotten over time.

“Beautiful like a Korean star” is the catchphrase of many fans worldwide. The entertainment village of Kim Chi for many years has always been mentioned as the cradle of the “beauty wall” of showbiz.
Among them are Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, Song Ji Hyo, Jun Ji Hyun, etc. Even though they have passed the age of forty, they still possess the beauty of a “diving bird” that makes them enthralled fans.
Son Ye Jin
Once known as the “Korean beauty icon” in the 90s, Son Ye Jin, right from her school years, caused a fever with her pure and clear beauty. At 40, it is not natural that the actress is still called the “beautiful sister” on the Korean screen.
Son Ye Jin has a delicate face, harmonious facial features, sexy lips, a small nose bridge, and smiling eyes. Her body exudes a luxurious, elegant, gentle, and courteous aura.
Now, she is married to Hyun Bin and is about to become the mother of a lovely little angel. However, it seems that time has forgotten Son Ye Jin; after more than two decades, she still retains her fresh and radiant features like the days when she first entered the profession. Perhaps this is also why Son Ye Jin, despite being 40 years old, is still called “the nation’s first love.”
Song Hye Kyo
In the early 2000s, the audience loved Song Hye Kyo because of her chubby face. During the filming of the movie Autumn in My Heart, her chubby body was still enough to “cut the heart” of the audience with her lovely features.
Later, after the beauty was determined to lose weight, her beauty rose rapidly. Song Hye Kyo has transformed from a chubby girl to a “screen gem of Kbiz.”
At the age of 40, Song Hye Kyo maintains a very good state and beautiful beauty when she “takes off her shirt” from her marriage with Song Joong Ki. The beauty of Descendants of the Sun is becoming more and more calm, calm and noble temperament.
In particular, the lines on her face and skin have almost no signs of age, making many people jealous.
Jun Ji Hyun
Jun Ji Hyun is also known as the “auntie” because of her nobility and aristocratic demeanor. Right from the beginning, the actress has caused a fever with her attractive appearance and face with sharp and graceful lines.
The Japanese media commented even Jun Ji Hyun was “the most beautiful beauty in Korea.”
After more than 20 years in the profession, now, at the age of 41, Jun Ji Hyun still possesses a formidable peak aura for young generation beauties. The five senses are perfect, the eyes are extremely soulful, and the beauty of Why Take You To Me is considered very deep and highly artistic.



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