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Active pregnant woman, Son Ye Jin goes back and forth to show off her cooking results for Hyun Bin, the contents of her dining table make you drool.

While happily waiting for her baby with Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin proved to be a super active pregnant woman.
As previously informed, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are currently entering a new phase in their household.
After officially becoming husband and wife on March 31, 2022, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin finally announced the good news about the arrival of their baby.
This happy news Son Ye Jin shared by herself via uploads on her personal Instagram account @yejinhand, June 27 2022.
“A new life has come to us.”
“I’m still in shock, but I go through each day feeling the changes in my body amidst worry and excitement.”
“We will protect the precious life that has come to us,” wrote Son Ye Jin some time ago. Since the shocking announcement, Son Ye Jin has begun to limit her activities in the entertainment world. The drama ‘Thirty Nine’ star chose to maintain health for the sake of the baby she was carrying, according to her promise in the Instagram post.
Even though her face is no longer on television, Son Ye Jin still exists and is active on social media. Yes, this 40-year-old woman still often greets fans through daily posts on her Instagram stall.
As seen recently, Son Ye Jin showed off her activities as a housewife. She has repeatedly showcased her hidden talent by trying out various recipes in the kitchen.
On Sunday, July 17, 2022, Son Ye Jin posted photos of her cooking on the Instagram account @yejinhand. The photo shows two servings of rice, a pair of chopsticks, and a spoon prepared for her and her husband, Hyun Bin.
In the middle of the dining table, you can see a row of South Korean side dishes that are nutritious and irresistible. Not only Korean cuisine, but this beautiful pregnant woman also shows off her talent by cooking western menus such as red meat, and pasta, to sandwiches that look very delicious. Son Ye Jin did not forget to greet fans through the same upload. “How are you all? Have a good weekend. Tomorrow is the start of another week,” she wrote.
“I really like these food photos, so I worked hard to cook them and take pictures. I’m so happy.”
“I hope you all also eat nutritious food and stay healthy,” continued Hyun Bin’s wife. Of course, Son Ye Jin’s upload received much praise from fellow artists and fans.
Here is not the first time the pregnant woman has shown off her cooking results.
Sometime before, Son Ye Jin also admitted that she was busy cooking a lot of food for her husband.
“Lately, I cook a lot of dishes that I’ve never done before.”
“I felt very proud when my first dish made sense (edible). Everyone who is good at cooking is amazing,” wrote Son Ye Jin.
Unmitigated, Son Ye Jin showed off her extraordinary cooking skills, combining Korean and Western food preparations.
As previously reported, Son Ye Jin showed a variety of delicious home-cooked meals. From Korean kimbap with harmonious ingredients to dishes such as fried anchovies, oven-baked pizza, burgers, fish stew and soup dishes. Uploading this ‘Crash Landing On You’ star was also heavily commented on by several of her Instagram followers, including her best friend, Oh Yoon Ah, Lee Min Jung, and Song Yoon Ah, who was surprised by Son Ye Jin’s skills. Wow, this pregnant woman is very active in the kitchen.
Which of Son Ye Jin’s dishes makes you drool the most?



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