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Actress Kim Tae-hee Makes a Special Appearance in the Final Episode of ‘Welcome to Samdalri”

South Korean actress Kim Tae-hee graced the final episode of JTBC’s weekend drama ‘Welcome to Samdalri’, broadcast today (21st). Known for her versatile acting skills, Kim’s special appearance added an extra layer of excitement to the show’s concluding chapter.

In the drama’s 15th episode, the residents of Samdalri come together in a show of solidarity to protect Samdal (played by Shin Hae-sun), leading to a peak viewership rating of 13.6% (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on the metropolitan area’s paid household criteria). This episode set the stage for Kim Tae-hee’s much-anticipated cameo.

The collaboration between Kim and the production was made possible due to her previous working relationship with screenwriter Kwon Hae-ju. Especially noteworthy was a hint dropped in the first episode about Samdal, a popular photographer desired by top actors, hinting at a connection with Kim Tae-hee. This foreshadowing was brilliantly realized with her actual appearance in the final episode.

Released still cuts featured Kim Tae-hee displaying her stunning visuals and warm smile, captivating viewers as she gazed at someone off-camera.

The production team expressed their gratitude, stating, “Kim Tae-hee’s special appearance has enriched the final episode. We are thankful for her gracious participation and look forward to the intense impact she will bring to the show’s finale.” They further urged viewers to stay tuned for the heartwarming and emotionally charged ending of ‘Welcome to Samdalri’, as the story of the people of Samdalri draws to a close.

The final episode of ‘Welcome to Samdalri’ aired at 10:30 PM on the 21st, marking the end of a beloved series that captivated audiences with its heartfelt narrative and exceptional performances.

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