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Actress Park Min-young’s Joyful Heart at Drama Wrap-Up Party Marry My Husband.

Actress Park Min-young recently marked the conclusion of the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Marry My Husband’ with a celebratory wrap-up party. The event, held at a charming restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul, was a joyous occasion, taking place on the afternoon of the 15th.

The spotlight was on Park Min-young as she graced the photo wall. Her radiant smile was infectious, sharing the moment with co-stars Na In-woo and Lee Yi-kyung. In a delightful gesture, Park Min-young expressed her happiness at the end of the drama’s filming by forming a heart with her hands, a symbol that resonated with her fans and viewers alike.

However, the celebration was tinged with controversy. Park Min-young found herself at the center of a financial dispute involving a borrowed-name account. It was revealed that Kang Jong-hyun had misappropriated 250 million won from an associated corporation, funneling it into Park Min-young’s personal account.

In response to the allegations, Hook Entertainment clarified their position. They stated that the bank account was merely lent out and was not utilized for personal living expenses. While denying any provision of financial support to Park Min-young, they acknowledged the existence of transactions through borrowed-name accounts. This revelation added a complex layer to the otherwise festive atmosphere of the wrap-up party.

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