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Actress Son Ye Jin is expected to hold a “baby shower” party with the participation of close friends.

Son Ye Jin will give birth to her first son in December. When his wife was pregnant and about to give birth, Hyun Bin still actively worked to earn money for milk diapers. After a series of promotional days for the movie “The Confidential Assignment 2”, the actor received a new advertising contract. He also grew his hair long to facilitate filming for his next work.
Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin focuses on pregnancy health care. She also spends a lot of time studying antenatal care. Many people believe that the actress “Crash Landing on You” also plans to organize a “baby shower” party to celebrate a baby’s birth. If there is no special event, Son Ye Jin’s close friends will come to celebrate with her.
Officially publicizing their love relationship in January last year, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin held a romantic wedding in March this year. Family, friends and close colleagues attended the couple’s wedding. After the wedding, they went to America to enjoy a sweet honeymoon. Also, Ye Jin had good news about pregnancy thanks to this trip. Last June, she happily announced to the media and fans that she and her husband were about to become parents.



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