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Adorable, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Chooses the Emoji That Most Represents Its Members, Rose’s Emoticons Make You Laugh

The name Lisa BLACKPINK must be trendy among K-Pop lovers.
Not a few BLINKs, as BLACKPINK fans are called, are always enthusiastic about following all the information related to Lisa’s activities.
Recently, BLACKPINK’s Lisa had an interview with ELLE KOREA after taking a photoshoot for the magazine’s May issue.
Always an effortless model, Lisa shows off her charm as a Celine ambassador in photo shoots.
Lisa is leaving fans breathless and looking forward to the magazine’s release. Launching Koreaboo Saturday, April 23, 2022, through ELLE KOREA’s official YouTube channel, Lisa did an ‘Emoji interview’.
This BLACKPINK member, born March 27, 1997, answered various questions by choosing various emojis that she thought best represented the answer.
Meanwhile, some of Lisa’s answers reveal whether she prefers bangs, her favourite K-Drama of 2022, and details about her relationship with the members.
Then, when the staff asked Lisa to choose the emoji that best represented each member, Lisa had to take some time to think.
Finally, Lisa chose three emojis that revealed her close relationship with other BLACKPINK members.
Funnily enough, Lisa couldn’t help but laugh when she finally showed the camera the three emojis she had chosen.
She first explained the emoji he chose for Rose, the poop emoji.
According to Lisa, Rose took Lisa’s phone and chose the poop emoji behind her name in Lisa’s contacts.
And on Rose’s phone, Lisa’s contact name also includes a poop emoji.
Then Lisa explained that Jisoo was a bunny emoji.
Especially since Jisoo always calls herself a bunny.
Jisoo loves her bunny-like nature so much that Lisa even gave her a carrot keychain as a birthday present.
Lastly, Lisa explained that Jennie represented the lipstick kiss emoji for her.
Lisa explained that, like the emoji, Jennie ‘has this sexy vibe’.
So, since Lisa always told Jennie that she was hot, the lipstick kiss emoji was the only fitting one.
Then the staff asked this popular K-Pop idol girl group to choose an emoji to describe her.
Initially, Lisa chose between two different emojis.
Though it’s hard to decide between the two emojis, in the end, Lisa ditched the cat emoji, saying she was more like a ‘chick’ emoji.
Lisa explained that the chick emoji suits her best because her ‘name is ‘Byungalisa’, which she says means chick or woman in Korean.
What do you think, BLINKs, whether or not Lisa’s choice of emoji is appropriate for her and the other BLACKPINK members? It’s adorable Lisa’s choice of emoji.



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