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Replace BLACKPINK’s Position! Aespa Becomes the First Rank of the Brand Reputation of Female Kpop Idols in 2022? Here are the details

The Korean Enterprise Reputation Research Institute announced the brand reputation rankings for all pop idols as of July 23, 2022.
The pop idol brand reputation ranking was obtained from analyzing singer brand data from June 23 to July 23, 2022.
According to the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, the brand reputation rankings for female singers in July 2022 were occupied by IU in third place, BLACKPINK in second place, and kpop group Aespa in first place.
However, for the overall singer, Aespa took third place.
Here are the details of the pop idol brand reputation in July 2022:
1. Lim Young-woong
2. Psy
3. Aespa
4. BTS
5. Lee Chan-won
7. IU
8. Kim Ho-jung
9. Seventeen
10. IVE
11. Kim Hee-jae
12. Jeong Dong-won
13. Fromis_9
14. Kang Daniel
16. Young-tak
17. T Weiss
18. (G)I-DLE
19. Song Ga-in
20. Lee Young-ji
21. Oh My Girl
22. Jang Min Ho
23. Sunmi
24. Lim Chang-jung
25. Joy
26. Taeyeon
27. Lee Seung-gi
28. Noeul
29. Park Chang-geun
30. Jessi



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