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After being married, Son Ye Jin and several other female celebrities don’t “retreat to the harem.”

Lee Min Jung
Actor Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung began a public relationship in 2012, and the two later wed in August 2013. The famous couple welcomed their first son two years later. Currently, the two frequently display their intimate devotion in front of the public and on social media.
Lee Min Jung is not averse to discussing her family either. She frequently engages with followers in personal, charming communication. Due to her outstanding eloquence, the actor is especially winning the audience’s love.
She once disclosed in an interview: “Though it’s untrue, a lot of people think I’m cute. I enjoy comedy, but since I’m an actress, I have to keep my face hidden. I’m considering myself. What can I do to display that aspect of myself? “making the journalists laugh
On the other hand, the actress will make a comeback with the film “Switch” after an absence of 11 years.
Han Ga In
Through recent entertainment events, the audience has grown more used to Han Ga In. The actress is showcasing her entertainment skills by acting in MBN’s Sing For Gold, Greek Roman Mythology – Private Life of the Gods, and the Handless series after making an impression with SBS’s Circle House last year. The JTBC Day.
She gained notoriety for her excellent entertainment abilities when she made a guest appearance on her husband Yeon Jung Hoon’s KBS 2TV show, 2 Days & 1 Night, in April of last year. permanent.
She gives surprising excitement to every game with her outstanding play and fierce competitive attitude, making her spouse proud and content.

Son Ye Jin
Hyun Bin’s wife Son Ye Jin frequently shares details of her everyday life with admirers on the social networking site SNS.
The attractive woman moved to the location where he used to prepare meals after getting married. The actress also displays a wide variety of mouthwatering home-cooked meals, including kimbap, fried rice, pizza, burgers, fish stew, and soups.
Most recently, “beautiful sister” directly shared the first picture of her first kid on Instagram after about a month after his birth. Even though it’s simply an image of two little, attractive legs, it’s enough to send internet users into a frenzy.
Additionally, Son Ye Jin posted “I’ll just say a few words,” he confided, “because everyone knows that a precious being was born and came to us. I am incredibly appreciative of everyone’s genuine love and assistance, which also helped with the baby’s birth. a fit life.
Since having a child, I believe I’ve grown as a person. We are all someone’s cherished son or daughter, I realize as I look at this lovely, tiny being. All of the children in this world shone simply by virtue of their existence.
And I feel strong and capable of anything when I meet someone who loves me more than I love myself. I live more gratibly and don’t forget things as readily because of the praise and affection of that individual.
Thanks to the thoughts and prayers of the fans, the baby was born safely and in good health. I sincerely appreciate it. I appreciate your company while I undergo my hedgehog transformation.”



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