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After divorcing her husband, Song Hye Kyo is becoming wealthier and easier to accumulate wealth.

The highly publicized marriage and divorce of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki were both celebrated and shocking events of the century, bringing both joy and surprise to their fans. Despite the controversies and rumors, Song Hye Kyo made a comeback with radiance and success in the drama “Vengeance and Glory.”

In 2022 and 2023, Song Hye Kyo’s name has become increasingly attractive to fans due to her accomplishments in the role of “Vengeance and Glory.” Particularly noteworthy is the fact that although she was already famous, she had previously lacked an award to recognize her talent. However, she has now achieved the posthumous Baeksang award for her role in “Vengeance and Glory.” Furthermore, her fashion sense has been highly regarded, leading to an increase in her income.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Song Hye Kyo’s net worth currently stands at $20 million. The media predicts that this fortune will further increase due to the success of “Vengeance and Glory.” Her income comes from acting, endorsing luxury brands, and working as a model. Song Hye Kyo’s estimated annual income is around $3 million. She is on par with other prominent names such as Lee Young Ae, Jun Ji Hyun, Hyun Bin, and Kim Tae Hee.

Song Hye Kyo has been active in the entertainment industry since the mid-1990s and rose to fame in 2000 with the drama “Autumn in My Heart,” which propelled her to international recognition. She initially portrayed herself in romantic roles but gradually achieved success in non-romantic roles. She is also known as the queen of controversies, often being involved in rumors.

She currently represents multiple luxury brands. With a massive fan following, Song Hye Kyo earns a significant amount of money through brand endorsements. She also has an interest in real estate.

After her divorce, along with her career success and accumulated wealth, Song Hye Kyo is enjoying her single life happily.



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