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Agency responded to rumors and issued official statements about Lee Min Ho’s 3-year relationship.

Seoul, South Korea – In a turn of events that has the entertainment industry buzzing, the agency representing South Korean actor Lee Minho has finally addressed the swirling rumors regarding his personal life. In a detailed statement released to the press, the agency not only acknowledged Lee Minho’s relationship but also revealed that the star has been dating for three years.

The revelation came as a shock to many fans who have long speculated about the actor’s private life. Known for his roles in popular dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers” and “The King: Eternal Monarch,” Lee Minho has always maintained a discreet public persona, especially concerning his relationships.

Agency’s Stance
The agency’s statement began by expressing gratitude to fans for their unwavering support and love for Lee Minho over the years. It then proceeded to clarify the ongoing rumors, stating, “We would like to address the rumors circulating about Lee Minho’s personal life. After careful consideration and discussions with Lee Minho, we confirm that he has been in a relationship for the past three years.”

Privacy and Respect
Emphasizing the need for privacy, the agency requested the public and media to respect Lee Minho’s personal life. “While we understand the public’s interest in our artists’ lives, we also ask for understanding and respect for Lee Minho’s privacy. He has chosen to keep this aspect of his life away from the public eye, and we hope everyone will support his decision,” the statement added.

Fan Reactions
The news has been met with a mixed response from fans. While some expressed surprise and curiosity about Lee Minho’s significant other, others conveyed their support and respect for his privacy. Many fans took to social media to share their thoughts, with one fan stating, “As long as he is happy, we are happy for him.”

Future Projects
The statement concluded with an update on Lee Minho’s upcoming projects, ensuring fans that the actor remains dedicated to his craft. “Lee Minho is currently preparing for his next project, which will be announced soon. He is as committed as ever to bringing his best work to his fans.”

This development marks a rare instance where a top-tier Korean celebrity has openly acknowledged a long-term relationship, breaking the norm in an industry where personal lives are often kept under wraps. It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact Lee Minho’s career, but for now, his agency and fans seem to stand firmly by his side.

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