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Ahead of BLACKPINK’s Comeback, Jisoo’s Physical Appearance Changed 180 Degrees, BLINKs Are More Enthusiastic.

K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK has released their comeback schedule.
On August 1 KST, BLACKPINK unveiled an announcement trailer titled BORN PINK.
Quoting Allkpop, Wednesday, August 8, 2022, the trailer reveals that BLACKPINK will release a pre-release single this month.
Furthermore, BLACKPINK will release their latest album in September. Also, BLACKPINK is scheduled to have a world tour starting in October.
While preparing for the approaching comeback, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo took the time to greet fans.
However, Jisoo became the subject of discussion among fans. The reason the visuals seem to change.
BLACKPINK Jisoo has long been known to be beautiful with a perfect face, even being called the best visual goddess of K-Pop gen 3.
However, Jisoo was willing to gain weight to better suit her character when she got the main role in the K-drama Snowdrop.
This idol and actress does not hesitate to change her image to suit her role.
But Jisoo also seems to be making major changes for BLACKPINK’s comeback.
Quoting Kbizoom, Wednesday, August 3, 2022, the allegation emerged from Jisoo’s latest photo uploaded on her personal Instagram account.
In the photo, the K-Pop idol looks shrunk, while her face has become much thinner.
I don’t know what concept will be brought in this comeback, but Jisoo now looks bolder and sharper.
Seeing Jisoo’s current appearance, fans are reminded of BLACKPINK’s luxurious and classy concept.
Many BLINKs are excited to see Jisoo’s makeover for BLACKPINK’s long-awaited comeback.
Quoted by Allkpop, Saturday, July 30, 2022, netizens were busy discussing Jisoo’s physical changes on popular online forums.
Here are netizen comments on Jisoo’s changes that look slimmer than usual ahead of the group’s comeback.
“I can’t believe her face has gotten smaller,” said a netizen.
“I thought he always looked skinny?” another netizen said.
“Woah, she did lose weight. She’s already small, but she’s become slimmer,” said another netizen.
“I can feel their comeback is near,” said another netizen.
“How can someone already thin lose even more weight?” another netizen said.
“It looks like her facial features are getting bigger due to losing facial fat,” said another netizen.
So, what do you think about Jisoo’s current appearance ahead of BLACKPINK’s comeback?



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