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Amazing Park Min Young Romantic Dinner in Bali, Accompanied by Park Seo Joon?

Park Min Young caught a romantic dinner on the island of Bali. Park Min Young is one of the most famous South Korean actresses.
She is a busy actress who often makes new drama comebacks every year.
In 2022, Park Min Young stars in the drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather.’
She starred in the drama with a young actor, Song Kang.
Not long after the drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ ended, Park Min Young was immediately busy filming a new drama.
The drama is known to be titled ‘MonWedFriTuesThursSat.’ Park Min Young will compete in acting with actor, Go Kyung Pyo.
His busy life as an artist makes Park Min Young earn a fantastic income.
The pay per episode of the drama starring Park Min Young reportedly reaches hundreds of millions.
It turns out that the 37-year-old actress is chasing deposits for her expensive hobby, namely traveling.
Looking at his Instagram account, Park Min Young often travels abroad.
Not only vacations on the European continent, but the drama player ‘City Hunter’ also often visits countries in Asia.
One of them is Indonesia. Park Min Young was caught visiting Indonesia in 2019.
Park Min Young chose Bali as a tourist destination because she likes beaches.
She shared several posts on Instagram when he visited Bali.
One of them was when she shared a video of her having a romantic dinner at a cafe near the beach.
Park Min Young took the footage briefly by showing her beautiful face and the atmosphere around the restaurant.
Seeing the comments column, netizens were excited and curious about who the actress’s dinner companions were.
“Who are you having dinner with, sis?” wrote netizens.
“Dinner is beautiful with Park Seo Joon, isn’t it?” said another.
“Just imagine first honeymoon with PSJ hahaha,” concluded the netizen.
Many Indonesian netizens were surprised to see Park Min Young’s post in Bali.
“Wow, in Bali,” wrote a netizen.
“Near Lombok, stop by, bro,” said another.
It is known that Park Min Young was rumored to be dating Park Seo Joon.
The rumors circulated when they starred in the drama ‘Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim’ in 2017.
Their compatibility as a couple makes the audience get carried away.



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