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Amid the happiness of Hyun Bin, who has just welcomed the birth of his baby, CGV Korea has released a portrait of the actor who has a beard in the film ‘The Point Men’. What’s the Portrait Like?

Hyun Bin is enjoying the happy moments as a new parent. As is known, his wife, Son Ye Jin, gave birth to their first child on November 27.
Amid the couple’s happiness, CGV released Hyun Bin’s first poster in the movie “The Point Men”. This poster attracts a lot of attention when showing his more mature side.
In the poster, Hyun Bin and actor Hwang Jung Min are walking in the middle of a hot desert. While Hyun Bin wore shabby clothes, Hwang Jung Min was much tidier in a suit with a tie.
In particular, fans’ attention is drawn to the beard on Hyun Bin’s face, which makes him look more masculine and charismatic. Fans also considered this appearance to match his new status as a father of one child.
Besides, fans are also impressed that Hyun Bin looks sexier in the poster. They finally made various comments, such as the following:
“This dad looks very hot,” said a fan. “The beard makes him look more charismatic and fits his current status,” added another fan. “He is very hot and I melt for it,” added another fan.
“He looks very manly in this photo. It fits his new status perfectly!” said another fan. “I usually don’t like bearded men, but Hyun Bin is really tempting,” said other fans and many more.
Even though the poster was just released, filming for “The Point Men” took place in 2020, long before Hyun Bin became a father. The film itself will be released on January 18.



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