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An indispensable item in Ji Soo’s bag (BlackPink).

On March 25, in a video interview with Vogue Korea, female singer Ji Soo (BlackPink) revealed the items in her bag and selected 3 things she always had to carry with her.
The first item Ji Soo pointed out was a wallet. Besides the credit cards, the female singer also has a dollar bill in her wallet. Ji Soo said this was a special gift she received from her father.
“He told me that this one-dollar bill would bring me luck,” said Ji Soo.
The next indispensable item for Ji Soo is lip balm. The singer said that the current lip balm she uses a lot without makeup.
The last inseparable item in Ji Soo’s bag is a hand mirror. This is also what the female singer always carries with her. She started having this mirror many years ago. This is clearly shown when the logo printed on the female singer’s mirror has faded.
What Ji Soo likes the most about her mirror is its convenient function. No matter how dark it was, she could still comfortably use it, thanks to the light emitted by the mirror.
“The mirror has a place to emit light here. Thanks to this light, the mirror is perfect, so the members often ask to borrow it, and I only give it to the people who ask first,” Ji Soo revealed.
According to Ji Soo, she always carries her purse, lip balm, and mirror no matter how small her bag is.
The female singer shared, “These three things are always there when I change my bag. Since I have a lot of small bags and they can only hold a little bit of stuff, I have to choose these.”



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