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At 41, Song Hye Kyo gently and happily accepts things around life.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo officially celebrated her 41st birthday. Instead of lavish gatherings, the beautiful Song family went on a date with close friends to blow out candles.
Song Hye Kyo happily shared on her page: “Thank you for everyone’s birthday wishes. The bouquets and gifts you sent are extremely beautiful.
Every day I live a healthy and happy life thanks to the unchanging love and trust my lovely fans have for me.
I hope you are always healthy and happy.”
At 41, Song Hye Kyo is still an expensive single lady in Korean showbiz. After divorcing Song Joong Ki in 2019, Song Hye Kyo still lives alone with her pet dog. When she is not filming, the beauty will spend time with friends in her spare time. Song Hye Kyo also said that she loves traveling and will spend time going out if she has the opportunity.
Song Hye Kyo once shared that she no longer hesitated to live for herself instead of her past shyness. This further proves the image of a single woman who is beautiful and in control of her life despite going through a marriage stumbling block.



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