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At the BLACKPINK concert, Jennie pouts because of Jisoo, which is a cute moment.

BLACKPINK recently performed in Cologne, Germany at the “BORN PINK” concert. There was an intriguing time during the concert when Jennie was sad and morose because Jisoo was screwing her while they were still on stage.
The viral video clip shows Jennie approaching Jisoo and having a nice contact with him. They were singing “Bombayah” at the moment, and the words were “touch, touch, touch.”
According to the lyrics, Jennie anticipated Jisoo to touch her. Unfortunately, Jisoo does not appear to have received the code from Jennie. When the songs began, Jisoo turned around to welcome BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans).
When Jennie realized she wasn’t getting the desired touch, she turned around and saw Jisoo walking in the opposite direction. Jennie immediately looked gloomy and put on a sour frown.
Because Jisoo quickly went viral, Jennie’s melancholy attitude became a topic of discussion among followers on social media. “After the Barcelona concert, Jennie genuinely believed they’d be a couple ‘I know you want to touch’ kkkks,” a fan commented.
“Plss, seriously, Jenny’s conduct is extremely hilarious; do you know that the cat that wants to be married really enjoys it?” said another. “The disappointment on his face after shaking his a$$ made me difficult to breathe,” the other admirers said.
In a recent interview with Elle Korea magazine, Jennie highlighted her excitement about visiting more than 30 locations for the “BORN PINK” globe tour till next year. “I’m content,” Jenny remarked.
“Because we haven’t been able to do concerts in a long time, I want to meet fans as soon as possible and present as many people as possible the music we have meticulously prepared. Above all, I feel that after finishing this voyage, I will develop once again, thus I am looking forward to it. I’m hoping that by then, I’ll have evolved into a more ‘icon-like’ version of myself.”



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