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At the ‘The Glory’ picture session, Song Hye Kyo has lovely bangs, while Lim Ji Yeon exudes charm.

A recent video about Song Hye Kyo’s picture session with the actors portraying the major characters in The Glory was published by Netflix Korea.
The most famous name is, of course, the 41-year-old beauty, and the audience was not let down by her attractiveness.
Song Hye Kyo has quite odd bangs, as can be seen in the video. We don’t frequently see her with hair like that in past series. The Autumn Heart star has benefited from this modification by receiving many of compliments:
– Song Hye Kyo has a unique and quite attractive haircut. How long do movies last, yet you seldom ever see her with flat roofs? It’s true that various roles call for diverse hairstyles.
– Always top-notch Song Hye Kyo looks stunning with this hairdo.
– Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see the movie since the cast is so lovely.
– Has anybody ever seen Song Hye Kyo in love movies with bangs that seem more endearing than her hairstyle?
Song Hye Kyo’s chilly and menacing atmosphere is just as good as her hairdo. The spectator may infer from the actress’s reaction that she will look absolutely stunning after her makeover.
Along with Song Hye Kyo, Lim Ji Yeon also wowed the crowd with her evil demeanor, particularly at the start of the video. The “hot scene queen” and the elder sister both promise to be highlights of the movie.



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