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Bae Suzy Admits She Has Forgotten Scenes in Dream High, Is Embarrassed to Criticize Her Acting?

Actress Bae Suzy doesn’t remember the drama ‘Dream High’ scenes.
Currently, Bae Suzy has become a top South Korean actress.
Taking part in the world of acting successfully catapulted the name of the former Miss A member.
Now Suzy is busy promoting her latest drama, entitled ‘ANNA’.
In the drama, Suzy plays a poor girl named Lee Yoo Mi.
But after growing up, Yoo Mi fell into a life full of falsehood.
She lives with someone else’s identity until she becomes a rich girl named Anna.
The 1994-born actress won a lot of praise for playing a woman with Ripley syndrome.
Judging from the beginning of Suzy’s career in acting, the ability of the ‘Satellite’ singer was doubted as an actress.
Even Suzy’s acting has always been the target of scathing criticism from the audience.
It is known that Suzy debuted as an actress in 2011. Even then, she had only debuted as an idol for one year.
Suzy debuted through the drama Dream High, where she starred with Kim Soo Hyun, IU, and Taecyeon.
Still new to acting, his appearance in the drama Dream High was heavily criticized.
Some time ago, Suzy was interviewed by Jae Jae. In the interview, Suzy was asked about her debut through the drama Dream High.
Jae discussed one of Suzy’s scenes in the drama, which also starred T-ARA’s Eunjung.
But Suzy doesn’t remember the scene that Jae Jae told.
“Is there such content?” asked Suzy.
Suzy also admitted that she did not remember the scene from the drama ‘Dream High’ that Jae was referring to.
“Because this is a television show, I understand it, but I barely remember it now,” said Suzy.
Jae is then curious about the process that Suzy went through in achieving success as it is now.
“Was it difficult for you to grow up like that?” Jae Jae asked.
Suzy forgot the scene in the drama Dream High not because she was ashamed of her acting skills when she debuted as an actress but because she was swamped in the entertainment world.
While filming the drama ‘Dream High’, Suzy didn’t have much time to rest.
This makes Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend not remember many moments when she was a teenager.
“I can only remember a few memories at that time. I was too busy. I didn’t have much time to sleep,” concluded Suzy.
The drama ‘Start-Up’ player revealed sad memories of when he was a teenager.
At that time, Suzy went to the mall to brush her teeth. He got cold from gargling with cold water.
“I only remember one time when I went to the mall and brushed my teeth there. It was freezing,” explained Suzy.



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