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Whose former Lee Min Ho is the Champion at Heart when Bae Suzy and Park Min Young compete in the same outfit style?

Bae Suzy and Park Min Young are two of South Korea’s top artists with beautiful and handsome faces.
Bae Suzy and Park Min Young are also well known in the Korean entertainment world because they often star in popular dramas with high ratings and attract large audiences.
Although Bae Suzy was first known as a member of the idol group Miss A, her debut in the acting world in the 2011 drama Dream High managed to bring her popularity to this day.
Park Min Young herself is known as an actress who, since the beginning of her debut, chose the world of acting by starring in the High drama Kick in 2006.
Although the two have never been involved in a drama project together, Bae Suzy and Park Min Young are known to have had a special relationship with famous actor Lee Min Ho.
Interestingly, the two former Lee Min Ho’s were caught wearing the same clothes, although on different events.
In 2019, when Bae Suzy attended the KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards in Seoul, South Korea, she was seen wearing a light blue dress by Johny Hates Jazz.
Bae Suzy is getting more charming and elegant in this bright blue dress which looks very suitable with her white skin tone.
Meanwhile, Park Min Young, at a different event, shared her mirror selfie using the same dress as Bae Suzy.
Park Min Young looked beautiful wearing a light blue dress. His relaxed pose also made his appearance at that time look casual but still charming.



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