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Bae Suzy Changing Types of Ideal Men, Her Recognition Makes Netizens Gemes, Who’s Right to Choose?

Bae Suzy always manages to steal attention because of her work and attractive personality.
Even since the beginning of his debut, Bae Suzy has earned a place in the hearts of her fans.
Bae Suzy debuted as an idol in a group called Miss A as the youngest member.
Bae Suzy, when she was 20 years old, was once asked about which male celebrity her ideal type was. Bae Suzy once appeared on the SBS chat show “Healing Camp, Are’t You Happy” in 2013.
At that time, former Lee Min Ho was only 20 years old.
The girl with the nickname “Nation’s First Love” plays a game called the “Ideal Type World Cup.”


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This game makes Bae Suzy have to choose one ideal type among several male celebrities.
The male celebrities include Kang Dong Won, Lee Seung Gi, Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, and more.
Ultimately, Kang Dong Won became Bae Suzy’s top choice as her ideal type.
She willingly expressed her love for Kang Dong Won, saying, “I really like him.”
Bae Suzy was then asked to send a video message to Kang Dong Won.
She was embarrassed but ended up sending a message of encouragement with a fangirl’s pounding heart.
He shyly said to the camera, “Kang Dong Won sunbaenim, I hope you stay healthy. I support you.”
Then, when asked to choose between a regular meeting or a blind date, Bae Suzy revealed that she never went on a blind date.
Suzy’s face suddenly brightened when the host asked what if it was a blind date with Kang Dong Won.
His demeanor immediately changed, showing a solid will to accept challenges.
Even though he didn’t like blind dates, if it were a date with Kang Dong Won, he wouldn’t refuse it.
Bae Suzy’s attitude made fans excited with her innocence.
Even though remembering the previous year, in September 2012, Bae Suzy admitted that Lee Min-Ki was her ideal type of man.
On the August 25, 2012 broadcast of KBS2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ a scene from the commercial featuring Lee Min Ki, KARA’s Seungyeon, and Jiyoung was revealed.
In addition, Suzy recently mentioned in an interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that her ideal type is Lee Min-Ki; the actor was asked how he feels.


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Bài viết do SUZY (SKUUKZKY) 🐰 (@suzy_global) chia sẻ

When Lee Min-Ki was told about Suzy choosing him, he looked a little embarrassed, but at the same time, he couldn’t hide his smile.
He commented, “I was shocked. I caught the interview by chance and I’m very grateful. If the opportunity arises, it would be fun to shoot miss A’s music video together.”
Within a year, Bae Suzy’s ideal type just changed.
Bae Suzy’s charm also made handsome actors Lee Min Ho and Lee Dong Wook date the beautiful actress.



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