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Bae Suzy Crying Says Goodbye, Confesses Guilt After Anna’s Filming Ends.

The excitement of the farewell event with Anna’s crew made Suzy laugh out loud, happy, and move simultaneously.
This expression was captured in a video entitled Introduction to Suzy Professor Anna Lee, uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Suzy’s agency Management SOOP on July 11.
The six-minute video shows Suzy’s various characters in the Anna drama that she plays. Such as when Yumi was a student, Yumi managed to get a job as a University professor named Anna and the wife of a future mayor of Seoul. Dressed in the style of an official’s wife, the video also shows Suzy working hard to warm her feet, considering that the filming process was in winter.
After filming for the drama Anna, Suzy attended an event prepared by the staff. Wearing a beanie cap, she got out of the car. Received berry sticks and crowns and bouquets of flowers. Celebrating the end of Anna’s filming, she said, “Now it feels like it’s over!”
She smiled and then continued his words to thank the staff who had the totality of organizing this closing event with enthusiasm even though it was still early in the morning. “Thank you. It’s too early, so I didn’t expect this,” Suzy said with a smile. A staff member asked her behind the camera about her role as Anna, who is full of lies.
Asking, “Do you admit your mistake?” With a broad, innocent smile, Suzy said, “Yes, Anna is guilty.”
The caption, “Anna & Suzy are both guilty,” was added.
The staff then reiterated that Suzy had been sentenced to one hour of community service for being in a spoiler. Likewise, Suzy replied that she would pay for her mistakes.
In the video, Suzy also expressed her feelings after filming Anna in Korea.
When asked about her feelings after finishing filming for Anna in Korea, Suzy looked at the staff and said, “I thought I was going to cry.” Suzy’s enormous eyes filled with tears, but she shyly said, “It’s all acting.” She also appreciated the entire team involved in the drama by saying that everyone was doing so much work, stomping their feet and turning their backs to the camera to hide their tears.
At the end of the video, Suzy says goodbye to everyone who hopes that viewers will like their hard work during filming in winter. As quoted from on July 12, Anna made a deep impression.
Suzy, who plays both Yumi and Anna, finished her project perfectly until the end.
Curious how perfect Suzy’s acting is this time? Watch the six episodes that were released on July 8. Next, I look forward to the full version, which will be released in August.
Meanwhile, the original Coupang Play Anna series, starring Suzy, tells the story of a woman who has to live in different roles in life because of a small lie she commits.



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