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Bae Suzy is similar to JYP’s Rookie Idol from voice to aura.

Bae Suzy is one of the famous and well-liked actresses. How not, Bae Suzy is known to have extraordinary skills in terms of acting, as evidenced by the many drama titles she has starred in. Not only that, but Bae Suzy also has a beautiful voice, considering that Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend was previously a K-Pop idol. However, Bae Suzy has shifted and became an actress as her primary job.
Beyond that, as quoted from KBIZoom, recently, a newcomer or rookie idol was busy being considered similar to Bae Suzy. Many fans are confused about the rookie idol’s voice with Bae Suzy. Namely, NMIXX, a female idol group newly introduced by JYP Entertainment’s ‘Girl Group Master.’

It was stated that a member in NMIXX has a very similar voice to Bae Suzy. The funny thing is, the name of the mentioned member is similar to Bae Suzy is also named Bae. Bae and Bae Suzy are also similar in terms of the vibe that attracts fans’ attention. Even Bae Suzy’s longtime fan”>Bae Suzy said that Bae’s and former Lee Min Ho’s lower-middle tone voices are the same. The two are also considered to have the same style of speech, which looks cute.

Fans even admitted to being surprised, saying that they couldn’t tell who Bae Suzy was”>Bae Suzy and Bae if they only listened to their voices with their faces covered. To note, NMIXX is a girl group that just debuted on February 22. They debuted by releasing their first single album entitled ‘AD MARE.’
NMIXX consists of 7 members, namely Lily M, Sullyoon, Kyujin, Jiwoo, Haewon, Jinni, and Bae.



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