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Bae Suzy Shows Off Her Tiny Tattoo, The Shape As If To Prove Former Lee Min Ho Is A Religious Girl.

Suzy will soon be making a comeback through a drama titled ANNA after 2 years of vacuum.
The drama tells the story of a woman named Yoo Mi, played by Bae Suzy.
The drama tells the story of Ripley Syndrome, a person who is used to living with lies and assumes the lies are reality.
Starting from a small lie, Yoo Mi lives life as someone else.
Suzy is a Korean actress whose name is already known to the public through the many works she has starred in.
Besides being good at acting, Suzy also has a beautiful voice.
It was evident that she had previously joined the once-popular Korean girl group, Miss A.
The public loves this 27-year-old idol and actress because she has a beautiful face and is multitalented.
She is also an actress in demand as a brand ambassador for various well-known brands. One of them is the world-renowned product Lancome.
In 2021, Suzy underwent a photo shoot with the beauty product.
Suzy shared a photo of herself appearing in a Lancome ad via her Instagram account.
In a series of stunning photos, Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend flaunts her timeless beauty.
She was made up with beautiful smokey eye makeup, and her lips were polished with pink lipstick.
With a simple bun hairstyle, fans were made salvo with a small tattoo on the nape of Bae Suzy.
His adorable tattoo turns out to be a cross with a heart symbol on it. The tattoo looks unique and exciting if you look closely. It is known that this tattoo is not the only one Suzy has.
Suzy is suspected of having an interest in the heart symbol, as the former member of the girl group is also seen having a heart tattooed on the bottom of her left ring finger. Suzy started her career by being part of Miss A in 2010.
Her melodious voice led her to appear in the Dream High series with Kim Soo Hyun and IU. Since then, he has made a career in acting and music at the same time. During his career, the Start-Up drama player has done many works and won various prestigious awards.



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