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Bae Suzy’s acting was judged to exceed expectations, the actress even admitted to being anxious and under a lot of pressure, why?

Bae Suzy is now a hot topic of conversation because of her acting in the currently airing drama, The Second Anna.
Even though she has been in the acting world for a long time, Bae Suzy still receives criticism about her acting skills.
From the past until now, Bae Suzy has received both praise and criticism for her ability to play roles. Then how does Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend overcome the controversy about her acting skills? Launching from KBIZoom, on July 9, 2022, in the entertainment industry, not many recognize Bae Suzy as an actress.
The title of a star or an iconic figure is more suitable to mention his figure. Bae Suzy made her debut as an idol with the group Miss A. She also made her acting debut in the drama Dream High in 2011.
The following year, she acted in a film called Architecture 101. This film became a hit and earned him Nation’s First Love. But in subsequent activities, many began to doubt Bae Suzy’s acting ability.
Some people say that the standards of an actress might be too “high” for her because she is an idol. But in reality, Bae Suzy had already had the opportunity to act, so that standard was inevitable.
The drama The Second Anna is a work that is considered a turning point for Bae Suzy’s acting activities. In this new drama, Bae Suzy is receiving favorable reviews from the public for her acting skills that exceed expectations. In her acting this time, Bae Suzy plays Lee Yumi and Lee Anna.
Bae Suzy, who received positive reviews for her acting since the first and second episodes, said, “I feel good and excited because I’m not used to compliments.” Ever since she became a star as a singer, the criticism she received for her acting activities must have been painful. However, she kept a bright smile throughout the interview and showed confidence when discussing his work and character. Bae Suzy said she had been attracted to Anna since she read the script.
“I feel sorry for him and think his life is hard.” “While reading the script, I felt a lot of subtle emotions, and I thought, what did she do that aroused sympathy for him in me?”
“At the same time, I felt the urge to play this character.”
“For some reason, I had a vague self-confidence, and I became greedy to show a new side of myself.” “Of course, I felt a lot of pressure and anxiety, but I decided to come out with the thought, let’s make a decision first and see the results later.” Bae Suzy also said, “I tried to agree with Yumi’s psychological state when analyzing the script.”
“Every time filming started, I would start talking and acting as Yumi.” Bae Suzy described how she naturally became one with her character. In this work, Suzy’s vocalizations and pronunciation are a marked improvement.
Although she has an attractive voice, it is also a problem shown whenever she acts because of his vocalizations. However, different in this work, his acting skills begin to show after the fundamental problem is solved. “I thought about my tone, but I don’t think it’s right to make this up. At first, I should make it close to my real voice.”
“However, when I play the younger Yumi, who is still in high school, I try to act a little lively for her age.” “And I tried to make my voice slightly unnatural when I was Anna.”
“I even discussed my tone and vocalization with the director, but I didn’t try to pay too much attention to it.”
Besides thinking about vocalization, in this new drama, Bae Suzy shows her unique expression in acting. Another thing that has dramatically improved in their acting is her expression.
Although she has played many characters on stage and in front of the camera, Suzy’s expression in The Second Anna differs from the one we are familiar with.
She shows a variety of inner expressions, such as being confused and shocked at the betrayal of his first love. Also, the expression when she regretted facing his father’s death and his anxiety in front of Hyun Joo after his identity was revealed. Why did Bae Suzy’s emotional acting become so natural?
The change that stands out is that she has found his freedom in front of the camera. As a singer, she had no choice but to pay attention to the cameras on stage.
However, for an actress, the camera has to be an object that doesn’t exist.
Unlike Bae Suzy in the past, Bae Suzy in the drama The Second Anna looks free from the camera. While discussing this opinion, Bae Suzy said, “Is that so? Well…At first, I tended to enjoy the atmosphere on set.”
“But this time, it’s a little different because I try not to care about the atmosphere on the set.”
“I thought I would focus on myself. Thanks to that, I think I can immerse myself in Yumi’s character.” When asked if there was anything she could relate to the character of Anna, Bae Suzy said, “At first, I felt she was a person who needed understanding, and I thought she was distant from me.”
“Come to think of it; Anna is a person who wants to show people what she has.” “I thought we were all like that. There’s only a difference in our limitations.” “In that case, Anna and I have a point where I can sympathize. That’s how I try to understand Anna.”
The drama The Second Anna has now reached episode 6, aired on Coupling Play. Have you watched it?



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